23 February 2020 – I want to thank you all who have posted such nice reviews about me and my dogs on Google. Whenever I read those, I think, are these people really talking about me? As a Man who is challenged with the symptoms of PTSD, its not what I’m doing for this breed, but what these dogs are doing for me. However your words are very kind and I appreciate it !      If I was only half the Man that my dogs think I am, then I really would be something !!!!                                                                                                                                                    Edward 

9 October 2019- We want to announce that our Frankie Z Lintichu, one of the top Protection dogs in the World, and simply one of the best German Shepherd dogs to ever exist, passed away on 30 September 2019 as a result of injuries he received in a training accident earlier this year.

   We know that many of our Clients and GSD Parents were praying for Frank, and your prayers were answered as he lived way beyond of when he should have died. However God decided that he needed to improve the German Shepherd breed in heaven, and that Franks work was done here on earth, so he called him to be with him. While I’m hurt and will always miss Frankie, those months that he held on helped me to mentally and emotionally prepare for him leaving. My dogs are not merchandise to me, they are my 4 legged children, so I thank you all that were praying for him.

   Frank was a throw back to the breed of 40- 60 years ago. The Son of Cak Hartis Bohemia , himself a high level protection dog in Europe. Frank was the only son of Cak to ever be bred in the United States.  He was 80 lbs of bone and muscle, not too angulated, incredible working drives and instincts.  Frank absolutely was not afraid of anything, he simply had no sense of fear.   I was always very challenged with him, right from the beginning after I imported him from Europe. This as I’m not afraid of anything either, so Frank and I had to developed a mutual respect over the years, and in fact we developed a very strong love and bond, proof that two Alpha Males can co-exist. That love and bond lasted until the very end. 

   Very few people knew how aggressive that Frankie really was. He would bite and engage his tactical skills without hesitation. He displayed his tactical skills on me numerous times, (without protective gear ) and we had several very bloody brawls early on before we developed that mutual love and respect that I mentioned.  However during hundreds of kennel visits and public working dog seminars, Frankie was always cordial, and never bit or harmed a single spectator. He was always especially kind to children, and would allow children to put their hands all over him.  So I want to thank everyone again for your prayers , text , cards and kind words during these last few months.  The whole point of breeding is to improve the breed, and Frankie definitely done that.

   Thank you Frankie for those 6 short years, the German Shepherd Breed is much better because of you. God bless you and be nice in Heaven.  

    Regarding our breeding program without Frank, we are very fortunate to have access to a very high quality Frank Son , who is here in the U.S., to cover our girls.  A prodigy of Frank and our Gama Lastex, Axel Vom Zeder Haus has many of his Fathers attributes. A natural Protection dog with very good instincts and substance of character, very good conformation, and of course carrying those same great German / Czech genetics. A big THANK YOU to Jim and Donna Walter for making Axel available to VZH. Beyond Axel, we will still use our Ax for breeding if we can, as he is older now and his fertility and sperm count will need to be monitored.  We have also just acquired a top young Male, from elite lines in Germany, who will become a part of our breeding program sometime in 2020 after his training is complete and he is mature enough.  God Bless everybody.   Edward VZH 

  23 July 2019 –   We had mentioned that we would have some reading homework for our new puppy Parents prior to placement this month. Some of you may have already read this info, however please read or re-read , and please do so with a pen and paper so you can list questions for anything that needs clarification.  All of this will be covered during your placement conference    ( with the assumption that you have read it ) along with many other subjects. Remember that the only dumb question is the one that you don’t ask.

      Prepare for your placement by bringing a crate ( at least medium size ) for transport.  Bring a towel and water bowl. Puppy proof your house by hiding electric cords, chemicals, your shoes, TV remote etc.  Acquire lots of squeaky toys and tennis balls. Acquire a bag of meat based, grain free food. Rice is ok as a grain but avoid other grains. Blue Buffalo is a good brand, but there are other good brands too.

  Our address is 2171 Waddy rd. Lawrenceburg Ky. 40342. The last 10 miles of your drive will be on narrow curvy roads, so please drive carefully. Thanks again for reading, and some of these titles are abbreviated. They are on the ” Health and Info ” page of this website. Please read the following-  Authentic German Shepherds living in America, the demise –  The immune system-  Front leg development – Crate use – Cryptochidism – Dirofilaria Immitis –  Fleas , intestinal parasites and neuro damage – Genetics vs Environmental causes of disease – House potty training – How to keep your dog happy and healthy in America – Jaw deformity – Leashes – Nutrition – Socialization- The Am. Vet system – The De-sexing of dogs –  Too much focus on obedience – Training vs Parenting –  Vaccinosis – .  Please excuse some typos in these articles, I will correct those when I get time. I know this is a lot of reading, but remember that the Euro GSD is the most exploited Mammal on this planet, and the United States is the worst for this exploitation. So this info, along with the remainder of the placement conference will literally make ALL of the difference in your experience, IF you follow directions after taking home your four legged child.

     We appreciate the opportunity to place a puppy with you, and look forward to seeing everyone.

                                                                                                                                              Edward  VZH