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Please Read Below Before Contacting

While Vom Zeder Haus is always seeking appropriate Parents / Pack Members for our dogs and puppies, we are also an Organization which educates American Citizens about the Exploitation of the German Shepherd Dog. Exploitation being unqualified breeders, trainers, greedy unqualified Veterinarians, puppy mills, and the terrible low functioning organization called the American Kennel Club. Less than 1% of so called German Shepherds in America are an Authentic German Shepherd Dog. They resemble a German Shepherd on the outside, but otherwise are no more of a German Shepherd than a mixed breed dog, these are simply the AKC version of the breed. Educating people about the German Shepherd dog not only protects the integrity of the breed, it also helps people to become better dog Parents. So before we will discuss placing a German Shepherd puppy or dog with you, we ask that you read the ” Home ” and ” Puppies ” pages of our website. The ” Puppies ” page is under ” Our Dogs ”.  Our Website reflects 47 years of experience with the Breed, with over 30 years of Research in the genetics, behavior, health and medicines associated with the German Shepherd Dog. So if you were to read the entire website, you would know more about this breed than any so called German Shepherd breeder, Trainer, or Veterinarian in the United States, however we are just asking you to read our Home and Puppies pages. Vom Zeder Haus is very selective with whom we place our dogs, but after you have read, please contact us to begin our Interview process for prospective new German Shepherd puppy or dog Parents.  Thank you and we appreciate your interest !!

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