The AKC and its Atrocities

Many are surprised to learn that VZH is a huge proponent of dog rescue. While this could offend us, it doesn’t because we understand the mindset. This is because there is no other American Breeder, that we are aware of, that is promoting dog rescue. To the contrary, American dog breeders, specifically the AKC breeders are why dogs must be rescued, and AKC breeders are contributing to this in so many ways. The following explains it all…

The reproduction of dogs is highly governed and monitored in Europe. Everything from who can breed, train and the dogs that can be reproduced and how many, is all highly regulated in Europe. In the U.S., however, there is nothing, and we mean NOTHING to monitor or regulate any of this. This is why when you do an Internet search for a specific dog breed or breeders, you are overwhelmed with how many breeders, because there are millions. This is because any person in America can assume the position of dog breeder or trainer. Too lazy or irresponsible to hold a regular job? Have a website built and begin breeding your dogs.

U.S. States regularly try to intervene by trying to establish laws to limit and monitor who can breed dogs, by establishing bills that would become Laws for such. However the entity of greed disguised as a real dog registry, called the AKC, they monitor for such possible legislation, and then send out emails to all of their breeders in the particular state that is considering such, thus telling their breeders to contact their State Politicians, tell them they are a constituent “Voter”, that breeding dogs is how they make their living, and to vote NO on the bills, therefore the bills are never passed. The emails the AKC send to their breeders even has a list of which politicians to call, along with their office phone numbers. This is why there so many dog breeders in the United States, and directly why there are over 1.8 Million dogs, thus innocent victims in all of this, that die each year in shelters, abandonment, or abuse / neglect in the United States. Regarding the production and untimely death of dogs in America, this Country is by far the worst in the World. The U.S. is certainly a 3rd World Country in this regard, and again, the AKC is directly responsible for it all.

Unlike decades ago when the majority of shelter / rescue / stray dogs were mixed breeds, that’s not the case now. Leash laws, fence laws, and decades of de-sexing dogs in this Country has vastly reduced mixed breed reproduction. The 1.8 million dogs that die in this Country each year are AKC dogs, and the AKC German Shepherd is the majority of the breeds involved.¬†This is why VZH educates the public about engaging with QUALIFIED dog breeders, a Qualified breeder is a person / organization who is screening their people who desire to acquire dogs from them. Qualified breeders also have a waiting list for their dogs, which is because of the demand, but this also serves as another positive safety measure which gives people time to prepare, and ready themselves for a “4 legged child” and all that goes into caring for one.

Even with an impressive a website, the vast majority of AKC breeders are PET SHOPS. There is no screening for those who want to acquire their dogs. Regardless of your responsibility, mental / emotional health status, abuse and control history, physiological health, substance abuse issues, financial ability to care for a dog or the environment a person lives in, if you have the money to pay, you get a dog!!! Even people without the for-mentioned issues often times decide that they don’t want the responsibility, because they didn’t think it through, the AKC breeder didn’t care, they just wanted the money. Then when the dog owner calls the breeder to ask them to take the dog back….. we won’t put an “LOL” here because this is too sad, but when the owner calls the breeder to ask if they can return the puppy or dog, the breeder won’t even discuss it with them, as its just about money to AKC breeders. So these innocent dogs are then taken to Shelters or Rescues, left on the side of the road, or just neglected in the back yard, in a cage, in the garage, or closed off in a bedroom, and they eventually succumb to it all. Again… over 1.8 MILLION, and these aren’t mixed breeds, these are AKC dogs from the impressive websites all over the Internet.

At VZH, we are very careful about stereotyping, and we don’t want to stereotype all AKC breeders here… however, those emails that we mentioned that the AKC sends to their breeders when the breeders State is prepared to establish Law to stop all of this… EVERY AKC breeder is receiving those emails… so whether or not they are making those phone calls or not… they are receiving those emails and are very aware of all that you are reading here. So when people tell us here at VZH about a “good AKC breeder that cares about their dogs and is screening their Owners,” our response is always the same… “They are getting those emails and know what they are contributing to, so why are they affiliated with the AKC” ?! There are 30+ dog Registries in the United States, and the AKC is by far, and we mean by far, the worst of them all. The AKC is the most well known in the U.S. because they’re a Puppy mill registry, and the US is a puppy mill country. The AKC is also the most well known the way that Cancer is the most well known disease.

Furthermore, AKC breeders are directly contributing to all of this with their own breeding dogs, who after they become too old to breed, are neglected, abandoned, or dropped off at a shelter! You don’t believe this? Ask ANY and we mean ANY AKC breeder, “The dogs that you were breeding 5 years ago, they were making you a lot of money, and you said they were World Class, now they are too old to breed, however, they need lots of love so where are they? Mr. or Mrs. breeder can we see the several dogs that you were breeding 5 years ago, that now need so much love, where are they?” Don’t let them tell you they were re-homed as 8+ year old can hardly be re-homed, and who would want to do that anyway. People, this is a very dark side of the dog breeding industry, and when you support an AKC breeder, this is exactly what you are supporting. So again, ask any person who calls themselves a dog breeder: “Where are your 8-15 year old dogs that you don’t breed anymore? Where are they? Can we see them please!!”

So, when and why to Rescue? We at VZH obviously understand the need and desire for well bred dogs, which is why we do what we do. However, if you don’t have the patience or commitment to be involved with our, or any Qualified breeders Interview / Screening process. If you don’t have the patience or commitment to be placed on a waiting list as any Qualified breeder will have, then rather support all that we have discussed here by supporting an AKC Breeder, Please…. Please go to a Shelter or Rescue and adopt a dog. Then hopefully that Patience and Commitment we mentioned, that you will find those qualities so you can be a good PARENT to your Rescue.

Here is another thing to consider, and this might be the most important statement of this entire article. When you rescue a dog, you are getting the SAME dog that you would acquire from an AKC Breeder. However, just some older, and for much less money. However, when you acquire a dog from a rescue or shelter, you are helping the problem, when you acquire the same dog from the AKC breeder, you are supporting the very root of the entire problem… so you either help the problem by Rescuing, or you contribute to it by Contacting an AKC Breeder !!!!!!!

Thank you for reading, and God Bless all animal Rescues and Shelters everywhere !!!!!