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Aside from a breeding / training organization, VZH conducts ongoing research covering everything surrounding this breed. This includes genetics, pedigrees, behavior, physiology, and health / Veterinary Medicine. When you, I or any person look to American information to guide us, we don’t know what is real and what isn’t, because Animal Medicine and protocol in America is all under the control of Big Pharma. So the people who are advising on Medication protocol, be it the American Veterinary System, the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, or US Dept of Agriculture, are all under the control of Big Pharma. The people who are supposed to be doing Research regarding Vaccines, Medications etc., are also profiting from their sale, so of course this creates a Conflict of Interest. Even in Europe, where this has all remained legitimate for years after changing in America, has also been changing over the past several years.

I, Edward Denny, learned to do research in College, however I think any person with common sense, who truly considers and weighs all of the variables, who is thorough and in no rush, can conduct accurate, thorough research.

Beginning in 2001 thru 2020, VZH conducted 15-year and 20-year studies involving 1207 German Shepherd dogs regarding health and Veterinary Medicine. This involved German Shepherd Dogs from around the United States, thus exposed to American Veterinary Medicine, vs Real holistic, organic, European based Veterinary medicine. While I had always learned from others research, I realized that I, with always 20+ GSD’s, living 24/7 in an environment, of woods, water, with lots of wildlife, thus potentially and often containing all of the Viruses, Bacteria and Parasites which affects dogs. Then we have hundreds of Clients with dogs around the US, thus living in various environments. Also, on a daily basis we are contacted by people from all over the U.S. who have lost dogs to various illnesses, and willing to share the details of their healthcare. So with all of this at my fingertips, I realized that I may be in a better position than any other person in the World, to conduct studies on the German Shepherd Dog.

Whenever I try to read another person’s research, which I do often, I can hardly make it thru the study as it’s so difficult to read. This because Researchers want to validate their work by mentioning all of the variables, statistics, analysis, etc. This is to convince you that their work is valid and thorough. There is nothing wrong with this except it’s very difficult to read. I know when I read others work, I get to the end of the study, and I’m not sure of what I just read, and must read it multiple times thus taking notes to truly comprehend it. My point here is that I don’t want to convey the results of this study in that way, as I will lose you, and you’re not going to continue reading. So, I’m just going to lay this on you in an easy-to-read fashion, just lay it on you, not try and impress you with lots of statistics and research related verbiage. I just want to educate you, not try and feel like I need to prove anything. I will simply convey this, and you as a reader can take what you may from it. Do keep in mind that this study included all variables and factors. In cases where other influences could have altered a result, those cases (individual dogs) were not included in this study.

Regarding vaccines, we will refer to vaccines such as Parvo, Distemper and such, as general anti-viral vaccines (GA vaccs). Rabies as a Rabies vacc, Leptospirosis and Bordetella as Lepto or Borda Vaccs. It is very important that you remember that a “Vaccine” does not mean “One” vaccine such as what humans receive. Dog vaccines are actually vaccine cocktails, thus containing as many as 9 different vaccines with only one injection.

European Veterinarians, who are REAL Veterinarians have historically not done this. People in the US who practice REAL Veterinarian Medicine don’t either, the practice of 7-9 vaccines in one injection as American Veterinarians will do, is often very damaging, and when a Rabies is added to the Cocktail, it is damaging. However, this is the quick and easy way and garners more money, which is why this is done by American Veterinarians.

Our research showed us that puppies should be vaccinated 21 days after being separated from their Momma, so the antibodies in her milk do not interfere with the Vaccines. Because puppies begin eating solid food at 3.5-4 weeks, and their teeth are causing pain to Momma’s breast by 4.5-5 weeks, Qualified GSD Breeders separate their​ ​puppies from Momma at 5 weeks, then vaccinated at 8 weeks. Keep in mind that the US is a Country in which there are no Qualifications or requirements to become a breeder of dogs, so when we say “Qualified Breeder”, we are speaking of a NON-AKC breeder, so Qualified GSD Breeders are few in the US. Weaning at 35 days, and vaccinating at 56 days with a Vaccine consisting of Parvo, Distemper, Adenovirus type 2, and Parainfluenza, with a Thimerosal free Vaccine, is what Qualified GSD Breeders do.

Our 15 year study showed this one GA vacc, is all that dogs need FOR LIFE, as this will create life immunity. Active anti-bodies or not, mammal bodies have “Memory Cells” thus part of the Immune System, creating an Immune System response without active anti-bodies already present. Later in this article we will discuss Titers, and why Titers testing in unnecessary.

Our study showed that another GA vacc 4 weeks after the first was unnecessary but also non damaging. However, beginning with a 3rd round of GA vaccs we began to see health issues primarily associated with the GI tract. For puppies who had received 4+ rounds of injections, this being from an Am. Vet, who administer a 5 + vaccine cocktail, there were 378 dogs in our study who had received such, and every and we will repeat EVERY GSD in our study had experienced health problems by one year of age, including 29 cases of Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, 32 cases of Cardiac disfunction, 17 deaths, including 9 puppies who died within 10 days of a GA vacc given with a Rabies Vacc. Again, these were all sub one-year old’s who had received the 4+ rounds of GA vaccs thus the typical Am Vet protocol.

There were no dogs in our study who received annual GA vaccs after only one or two initial injections. They were 57 dogs that after 1-2 GA vacc puppy injections, received GA vaccs every 3 years and there were no health issues thus that could be confirmed attributed to the vaccs.

For dogs who received annual GA vaccs or GA vaccs every 3 years after receiving 4+ puppy injections, which is what ALL Am Vets do, the results were devastating and sad. This included 621 German Shepherd Dogs. Cancer and non-Cancerous growths, masses and tumors occurred in 517 of these dogs. Significant Epidermal problems in 179 of these dogs. Significant GI problems in 382 of these dogs. Diabetes in 42 of these dogs, EPI in 37 of these dogs, Early onset of severe Arthritis in 428 of these dogs, and a host of other issues (primary organ related) associated with these 621 dogs. Sadly, the average life span of these 621 over-vaccinated GSD’s was only 8.1 years of age, with 131 of these dogs dead before 5 years of age.

Regarding the dogs who received only 1-2 GA Vaccs as a puppy then no more in their lifetime, these included 430 dogs. These were the healthiest dogs (by Far) in our study. The average lifespan of these dogs was 13.1 years of age. There was 0 incidence of Cancer in these 430 dogs. Of course, this is significant. All health issues associated within this group were age related, very treatable issues.

Our research with Rabies vaccs proved difficult to determine the extent to which Rabies vaccs alone caused damage, as they are typically given with GA vaccs to be a part of a Vacc Cocktail.

Rabies has basically been eradicated in the US and a dog literally has a higher chance of being struck by lightning twice in the same day than it does of acquiring Rabies. We know that 1 Rabies vacc provides lifetime immunity to a dog, this from European Immunization Research. We also know that when added to a GA Vacc, the Rabies makes the cocktail much more damaging as our study revealed that 9 puppies who were otherwise healthy, died within 10 days of having receiving a GA with a Rabies vacc.

We have all heard about Titer testing. This is the measure of antibodies for a specific virus or bacteria within the body. It’s counterproductive for Mammals to have active antibodies. Vaccines cause the immune system to create / produce anti-bodies for that specific invader, however having ongoing active antibodies is detrimental to Mammal health. The Mammal body establishes Lymphocyte memory cells with each antigen invasion, and thus will create an immune system response accordingly. This is why repeated vaccines are unnecessary. Long-term active antibodies in the body cause inflammation and cell damage, which leads to numerous health problems including Cancer, Organ damage and failure.

The VZH Vaccine research has shown that dogs need ONLY 1 GA Vacc for life if administered 21 days after weaning. One more will not cause harm, however never along with a Rabies. Only one Rabies vacc is needed, but again- NEVER in conjunction with a GA vacc.

Our research showed OVERWHELMINGLY that Vaccines are responsible for the majority of dog health problems in the US, and that the Cancer epidemic in dogs is directly associated with Vaccines.

Desexing, called spaying and neutering here in the States. Of the 1207 dogs in this study, 928 had been de-sexed. While we didn’t find an increase in Cancer associated with desexing, and mammary gland masses were less in desexed female dogs, benign growths, masses and tumors, were significantly higher in desexed dogs of both genders. Diseases associated with the Endocrine system, such as Addisons, Graves, Cushing’s, and Diabetes were significantly higher in dogs who had been desexed. This because the testicles and ovaries are components of the Endocrine system, and when they are removed, the other components begin to malfunction, this being the pancreas, adrenal gland, thymus, thyroid, para thyroid, pituitary, pineal body, and hypothalamus. All of these component’s function, is largely contingent on readings of the other components. In Veterinary Medicine we call this the feed-back loop. So with the testicles and ovaries missing and not producing Testosterone and Estrogen, which are vital to the body, the entire Endocrine system malfunctions which leads to disease.

Our Research revealed an even more detrimental result of desexing, this to the Skeletal / Muscular system, what we call the ( SM system ). Testosterone and Estrogen are vital for SM system development and maintenance. When desexing occurs prior to 18 months of age, the SM system does not fully develop, prior to 8 months and the growth ​plates in the joints don’t close. Desexing at post 18 months and the SM system begins to deteriorate. Among the 1207 dogs, there were 47 cases of fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE), a typically deadly, catastrophic paralyzing event, and only associated with desexed dogs in our study. However SM system problems of all sorts, including significant hock and stifle problems, hip and elbow problems, cartilage and meniscus problems including Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), were significantly higher in desexed dogs. Another very sad SM system disease that our research showed to be vastly associated with desexing was Crippling Arthritis, what we call (CA). This is a common issue with dogs in America. Our 4-legged children who are so alert, their eyes are bright, their hearts are strong, but they are immobile. Our study showed CA to be present in the vast majority of desexed post 11-year-old dogs, and basically non-existent in dogs who remained intact (not desexed).

Incontinence, specifically urinary incontinence was significantly higher in post 11-year-old desexed dogs vs those who were intact.

Our conclusion regarding desexing- It causes disease associated with the Endocrine system, and is absolutely devastating to the Skeletal / Muscular system. If a Male has Cryptorchidism (where one or both testicles remain in the abdomen thus not in the scrotum), we would recommend desexing at 6 years of age with Crypto, otherwise Male dogs should never be desexed. In order to eliminate the chance of Pyometra (a serious infection of the womb and uterine tract) , and to reduce the chance of Mammary gland growths, we recommend desexing females at 6 years of age, but never prior to 6. Contrary to what an American Veterinarian will tell you, allowing a dog to be whole, does not cause negative behavior, and her estrus cycle and thus discharge will not cause problems. How do you keep her from becoming pregnant ? The same way you keep your 13-year-old female human child from becoming pregnant, it’s called responsible Parenting.

Regarding our Research on Dirofilaria Immitus (Heartworms), because all of our research to this point had consistently shown the Heartworm epidemic in America to be a complete Fraud being pulled on the Country by Big Pharma / American Vet System, and because of the potential for fraudulent positive diagnosis by American Veterinarians, we used two smaller groups for our study, but stretched the study for the Parasite out to a full 20 years. So we (VZH) conducted a 20-year study on Heartworms in America. The two groups included 37 GSD’s who over the 20 years, resided in a mosquito infested area, where the Am. Vet System says are abundant with the Parasite, with none of these dogs receiving any Heartworm preventative during these 20 years. Obviously because of life span years, none of these same dogs lived thru the full study, however all 37 lived 12-14 years thru the entire study, thus being tested for the parasite.

The other group consisted of 74 GSD’s living throughout the US, who had been tested, and thus their owners told they were positive for the parasite, no treatment was ever given, and all 74 in our study were re-tested at a different Clinic 4-7 years later.

The first group of 37 GSD’s of various ages all lived together, VZH dogs residing in East TN, with a pond (standing water ) located 30ft from the kennel area. A partially dry creek bed with much standing water located in the center of the land, and this 30-acre tract of land was surrounded on three sides by water thus a peninsula. So much water that the road the land was adjacent to is called ” Water Street ”. A vast mosquito population is there, and the Am Vet system says that TN is a Heartworm infested region. Our study began in Jan 2001, and this group of dogs living in this area received no heartworm preventative- ever. In 2009 the entire group was tested for the Parasite under a non-conflict of interest approach, meaning that there was an Am Veterinarian involved however who was not trying to generate money. The entire group was tested and every dog was negative for the Parasite. The group was tested again in December 2015 and every dog was negative for the Parasite. In late December 2015 VZH moved to Central Ky, in which two ponds ( standing water ) was located in close proximity to the Kennels, a lake ( standing water ) near the Kennel house, and numerous partially dry creek beds with standing water on the land. The Am Vet industry says that Ky is ripe with the Parasite. After 5 years on this land, in December 2020, the entire group was tested, and all were negative for the Parasite. Again, these 37 dogs were not all the same dogs as lifespan years did not permit that. However, from Jan 2001 thru Dec 2020, there were a total of 37 GSD’s, thus living 24/7 in a mosquito infested area where the Am Vet Industry says Heartworms are rampant, never any heartworm preventative, and not a single dog ever contracted the Parasite.

Regarding the group of 74 GSD’s. Each dog in this group was tested, and the owner told that the dog was positive (had heartworms). None of these dogs received any treatment afterwards. Ranging from 4-7 years later, each dog was re-tested at a different Clinic. After the re-test, only 6 dogs were positive. So either many of the original test were fraudulent or the vast majority of positives were for Larva only- which died before developing into the actual parasite. While some of the original positive test could have been fraudulent, its likely that most were positive, however for Larva only, which naturally died. Before conducting this study, our Research had shown that the vast majority of positive test are for Larva only, which naturally dies 90% of the time before developing into the Parasite,- our study obviously supported that. Before conducting this Study, our extensive and years of research regarding Dirofilarial Immitus ( Heartworms ) showed the so-called epidemic in America to be a complete Fraud by the Am Vet System / Big Pharma, and our Study Confirmed that. The preventative is a Neuro-Toxin, and along with excessive Flea / Tick preventative, is causing vast Neurological and organ damage in dogs.

You don’t believe the results of this study ? Are you a dog owner who is being scammed, thus spending your hard-earned money on this unnecessary Neuro-Toxin, then poisoning your 4-legged child with it ? If so, we ask you to do some Research. Along with a good Inkpen and a notebook, do some hard research on the Parasite, acquire many resources and studies including studies from Europe if you can. Pay close attention to the lifecycle of the Parasite, the Climate and ambient air temps required for the Parasite to exist. Then do some research on mosquitoes regarding their lifespan, lifecycle and such. Then do research on the 24/7 Climate for every State in the U.S.. After you are done with your research, you will also see that the Heartworm epidemic , along with unnecessary vaccines, and unnecessary desexing, is a Fraud being pulled on the American Public by the American Veterinary System / Big Pharma. All VZH Clients know that we have Heartworm preventative available for our dog owners who need it ( those living in the extreme Southern US ). Between our Clients and the general Public, we (VZH) could generate $500,000 annually by selling this Neurotoxin. However, we will not do to you, what the Am Vet Industry is doing to you and your dogs!!

Our conclusion on Dirofilarial Immitus (Heartworms)- Draw a line from South Carolina to Southern Ca. The Parasite rarely exist above that line, the chances of a dog ( or any mammal ) developing the Parasite above this line is extremely rare. The preventative is a bodily damaging Neurotoxin. Below this line the Parasite barely exist, it is possible for a dog to develop the parasite below this line, however for a dog with a healthy immune system, the chances are low.

We will remind you that the vast majority of positive test are for Lara, that die approximately 90% of the time, ( without treatment ) before ever developing into the parasite. If you live below the for-mentioned line, VZH recommends using preventative on 1 June, again on 1 August, and again on 1 Oct. We recommend none above the line.

Our study showed that GSD’s living in America who had received excessive Vaccines, had been desexed, and were receiving year-around Heartworm preventative ( all normal protocol for Am. Vet. Medicine ), the average lifespan for these dogs was 8.1 years of age. For those who had received 1-2 GA vaccs, then only 1 Rabis vacc, had not been desexed or not prior to 6 years of age, either received no Heartworm preventative , or no more than three doses annually, the average lifespan of these GSD’s was 13.1 years of age.

We began this study with an open mind; however, the results are clear. Ask any person who had dogs in America pre-1980, before Big Pharma took control of American Veterinary Medicine, the Cancers, Immune system dis-orders, Crippling Arthritis and other Skeletal / Muscular problems, diabetes, skin problems, Seizures and other Neurological problems, Endocrine system problems, Organ dis-function and Failure, all of these issues were rare in dogs years ago. Now and over the past 40+ years, dogs in America are plagued with all of this. What’s even more sad is that American Citizens have accepted this as normal, and continue to expose their dogs to the very source that is causing it all. Do you know what people primarily fed their dogs in America back in the 1960’s and 70’s? Inexpensive Can dog foods such as Alpo or Super Market brands, and or Corn based Purina or Super Market Corn based dog foods. However, most dogs of that era lived to be 13-17 years old and healthy. Dog foods now are of a much higher quality.

Because the Gray Wolf is a close relative of the Authentic GSD (much closer than most people know) VZH also conducts research on these animals, and we apply what we learn to our work with the GSD where applicable. The Gray Wolf can acquire any and all of the ailments that the GSD can, including Parvo, Distemper, Rabies, Heartworms, Cancer, diabetes, Immune System disorders, Endocrine Disorders, Skeletal / Muscular problems, Neurological problems, and I can go on here. However, all of these problems and issues are rare in the Gray Wolf. When not shot, trapped, poisoned, killed on a road, or by rival Packs, Wolves in the Wild will live to be 13-15 years of age ( all of them). Could this be because they are NOT receiving Vaccines, are NOT de-sexed, and are NOT receiving Heart Worm Preventative ? These are absolutely the reasons why !!

The American Veterinary system is not going to change, so it is up to dog Owners in this Country to make a change, thus learn and administer Real, Holistic, Organic Veterinary Medicine. It’s easy and inexpensive. You can learn from our page on this site entitled ”Real Veterinary Medicine”, and we ”VZH” will be happy to discuss and help any person that wants to learn, whether you are a VZH Client or not.

While VZH will always be watching with an open mind for any changes regarding what our Research has taught us, our Research now is focused in the areas of the Bio-Physics and Bio-Mechanics of the German Shepherd Breed, thus to improve the Breed by taking it back to one Sub-Species thus discussed in detail on our page ”VZH Breeding Initiative”.

We thank you for taking the time to read this article, and hope it helps you and your dog. Please send a copy of this article to every dog owner that you know. Because so many Americans allow themselves to be Brainwashed, thus conned and scammed by the American Veterinary System / Big Pharma, it won’t help some people, and the Victim is the dog, but you will have done your part in trying to help.

Regarding what you have read here, dogs have known this for decades because their bodies have been telling them so- they just can’t do anything about it- this is up to the People.

God Bless You and your Pack,
Edward Denny VZH