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The Gray Wolf has became an endangered species because of Human greed and bullets.

The Authentic German Shepherd has became an endangered species because of Human greed and ignorance!

– Edward Denny

War Dogs

A Preface for this page

    Hello, my name is Edward Denny, I am the Owner and Manager of Vom Zeder Haus German Shepherds. The information that I convey on this page is the result of over 30 years of research and study, and over 47 years of hands on experience with the amazing mammal called the German Shepherd Dog. I’m not a Breeder who does research, I’m a German Shepherd Researcher who conducts Studies for the purpose of educating myself and the Public. I then breed to improve the German Shepherd Dog in the modern World.   

   As you read the articles on this page, remember that they are specific to the European German Shepherd Dog, not other breeds nor the American version of the German Shepherd Dog.  I do suspect that much of this information would apply to other breeds, but I am only writing about the Authentic German Shepherd here.  European German Shepherd Dogs have a very pure bodily system, and a different physiology than do other dogs. These dogs also have a different cognition and emotional functioning as do other breeds. Much of this is simply because Authentic German Shepherds are not American dogs, they are European dogs. Their bodies react differently to Medications and Vaccines as do American Dogs, and the American Veterinarian doesn’t know this. These dogs require a different approach for Training and Parenting, and very few Americans, including American Trainers know this.

     There are so many subjects related to these dogs that I could write about here, so much information that I could provide, but this is not a book, it’s a website. So I can only provide so much information without the site just going on and on. I have not included allot of unfamiliar medical terms, or a list of European University Studies that I have reviewed, or a list of high level European Geneticist, and Euro Veterinarians that I have interviewed. I have also not included charts and graphs from my own studies.  None of this because I’m not trying to impress you, nor do I want to bore you and have you leave an article before you have finished reading it. I just want you to learn.

  Why did I want to write and publish these articles on this website?  The Authentic European German Shepherd Dog in an incredibly healthy, hardy, intelligent animal. However in the United States, because of the greed and ignorance of the American veterinary System, the ignorance and greed of unqualified breeders and trainers, the incredible physiology and cognition of these dogs is damaged or destroyed, then those problems are blamed on the dog and breed as a whole. So with these articles, and my program in general, I am a voice for these dogs.   

  I am not an expert on these dogs. However every other breeder, trainer, most German Shepherd Owners, and all American Veterinarians seem to be experts, which is why 95% of the information written about these dogs on the Internet, and in many other publications is wrong. Most of the information available is biased and agenda driven, such as Vaccine protocol information is provided by those who are making money from selling Vaccines ( the Manufactures and American Veterinarians ). Much of the behavior and training information is made available from those who are making money from so called training, which is often the quick and easy way, and is also wrong.   

  The truth is that there are no experts on these dogs because they are all individuals, and there is so much that remains to be learned from them. I have had an incredible life with these dogs. I live with over 20 Authentic West German Shepherds, 24/7 on a large tract of all wooded land, and this provides me with an excellent insight into their cognition, physiology, and instincts. Living with these dogs in this environment reminds me each and every day of how I am not an expert.

  I hope that you learn from these articles, and I hope that they make you the best dog Parent possible.



Schutzhund vs Real working dogs.

   German Shepherd people in America should know what Schutzhund is, and that Schutzhund dogs are very different from actual real life working dogs. People should be aware as modern Schutzhund is largely misunderstood, and modern breeders are exploiting Schutzhund for...

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The Immune System- A dogs friend or foe.

The Immune System of dogs, like all Mammals has been evolving for millions of years. During this time it has adapted and developed a defense against the diseases that affect the specific Mammal. So the diseases that affect dogs have also been around for millions of...

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Working vs Show Lines ( The Truth )

This is a subject that has prompted questions, been discussed, and written about thousand or millions of times. With all of this I ( Edward Denny ) have never read a correct response. The fact is that these terms '' Working '' and '' Show '' lines are INCORRECT...

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Front Leg Development

    Between 4-8 months of age, puppy skeletons will be developmentally ahead of the soft tissue (muscle, ligament and cartilage ). So we have these large heavy front leg bones ( the Radius and Ulna ) with cartridge between them ( The elbow ) that is too immature to...

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Authentic German Shepherd Dogs

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, 99.99999999999% of so called GSD's in the U.S. are not Authentic, true ( whatever adjective one might use for real ) German Shepherd dogs. This doesn't mean that the others are bad dogs, but same as a Cocker Spaniel or mixed breed,...

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Crate use ( a common form of abuse and neglect)

    Crates are cages, developed decades ago for transport. Manufacturers realized that people use them as cages, that's why they are sold for such. The term '' Crate Training '' means the following- I do not have the appropriate environment for a dog- and / or I want...

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This condition results when one or both testicles to not drop from the abdomen down into the scrotum. While this is rare in Europe, it is very common in intact Male dogs in the U.S. There is little research on going as to why. It is the opinion of Edward Denny, based...

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Degenerative Myelopathy

    This condition is the result of degenerating nerves in the lower spine, thus resulting in a loss of function of the back legs. This condition ( DM ) is highly misunderstood by the American Veterinarian system, and knowing the truth about this condition, can also...

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Dirofilaria Immitis ( Heart Worms )

This is a subject that we could go on and on about, thus providing many statistics, spread sheets, etc. However we will only provide the basic facts here because there actually isn't any type of debate amongst those who do even very little research on this subject....

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Fleas, Intestinal Parasites, and Neurological damage

Fleas have been around for millions of years, however there has been an explosion in the flea population over the last 20 years. This is because of climate change, and not only are there more fleas than in the past, modern fleas are resistant to pesticides that had...

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German Shepherd Pricing and What it Means. ( The Truth )

In Europe, the price of German Shepherd puppies is basically uniform, this because all of these puppies in Europe are Authentic German Shepherd dogs, and they are being re-produced for the right reasons. As discussed elsewhere on this website, there is no Governing...

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German Shepherd Sub-species

There are Three types of German Shepherds- The americanized-German Shepherd, East German/DDR Shepherds and West German Shepherds. Americanized-German Shepherds are not a true German Shepherd. These dogs lack the intelligence, instincts, working ability, color and...

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Hip Dysplasia

Regarding the exploitation of the German Shepherd Breed in the United States, Hip Dyplasia ( HD ) is one of the more common forms. In Europe there is one type of HD, and its called HD, and while very rare amongst Authentic GSD's, this is a very debilitating, crippling...

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House potty training

This is about consistency in taking your puppy outside.  Of course German Shepherds should be outside allot anyway, but when inside, take your puppy out frequently and they will develop the habit of wanting to relieve themselves outside. Dogs don't want to go on an...

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How to find the good Breeders

You will find this information on our '' Puppies page ''. We placed the title here to tell you that you need to read that page. So please read our Puppies page.

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How to keep your dog happy and healthy in America

So how do you keep your dog happy and healthy in the United States? The same way your Grandparents or Great Grandparents did, and people in Europe do today. You simply do NOT expose your dog to an American Veterinarian unless you suspect a broken bone, need stitches,...

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Jaw deformity

This includes overbite, under-bite and various other teeth misalignment issues. While there is no doubt a genetic component related to some breeds, this is not the case with the Euro West GSD. There have been studies conducted in Europe, and the causes of such issues...

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Leashes ( the misuse of them )

They are a terrible thing for a dog, they are NOT exercise for a dog ( except an elderly dog ), and your puppy or dog will be miserable when tethered to one.  Leashes were intended as a means for close, tight control of your dog in a situation that calls for such....

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    Myocarditis is NOT heart disease, it is heart damage that is often misdiagnosed or mistaken for heart disease. This can include enlargement, inflammation, and it can lead to valve and / or ventricle deformity, and aortic problems. Many, and I think the vast...

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A puppy should be fed 2-3 x per day until 12 weeks of age. Feed 2x per day until 12-15 months of age..  After 12-15 months, feed 1-2x per day. 8+ year old's should be fed 2x per day. The volume of food varies with each dog, depending on their metabolism and energy...

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Protection Dogs- ( The Truth )

Regarding the exploitation of this breed in the U.S., people selling so called protection dogs are a big part of this. Keep in mind that in the U.S., there is NO Governing body for the reproduction, sale, or training of dogs. Of the best bred German Shepherds in the...

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Skin disorders

This is a subject we could go on and on about here, but we will only state a few facts and offer some advice for help. Either thru ignorance or greed, this is one of the most miss-understood and misdiagnosed issues by the American Veterinarian system. Skin issues in...

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If you acquire a puppy a from a Real Breeder, then it has been matched to you based on your lifestyle and request. However same as a child, the adult that your puppy develops into, depends on what you do going forward. So 50% is what you get, 50% is what you do, of...

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The American Kennel Club (The Truth)

Contrary to what most people know or think, the AKC is NOT any type of authority for the reproduction of dogs. The AKC is simply a record keeping service, and as explained in another article, this low functioning entity is why there is no governing body for the...

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The American Veterinary System (The Truth)

I will begin this article by stating that there are some very good Veterinarians in the United States. I have found a very good one in Versailles Ky. The good ones are typically Veterinarians that have been practicing for many years, are financially secure and not...

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The de-sexing of dogs ( Spaying and neutering )

We will begin with this....All American German Shepherds and mixed breed dogs should be spayed and neutered. However, True European German Shepherd Males should NEVER be neutered, and Females never spayed unless post 7 years of age. This because Mammals have to have...

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Therapy and PTSD dogs ( The Truth ).

  Regarding the exploitation of dogs in the U.S., so called Therapy and PTSD dogs are a big part of this. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, there is NO Governing body in place for training dogs, and there are NO requirements in the U.S. to be a so called '' Dog...

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Training vs Parenting

    Many people consider me ( Edward Denny ) to be a ''Professional Trainer '', and while I have prepared hundreds of dogs for high level Protection, for Law Enforcement, to be well behaved and obedient, and for Search and Rescue, I have never considered myself to be...

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Dogs only need one general anti-viral vaccine ( Parvo, Distemper, etc. )  to be protected for life. This Vaccine should occur between 7-15 weeks of age.  Then one Rabies vaccine between 8-12 months of age.  Beginning with the second Vaccine of either, Vaccinosis...

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Somewhat common in adolescent West German Shepherds.  Urination is often followed by a clear, thick mucus substance. This is caused by inflammation of the developing vaginal tract. While bacteria is often involved, it typically clears up without assistance or Meds. ...

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