Our Tennessee Location

Vom Zeder Haus has two locations, Lawrenceburg, KY and Speedwell TN. Because of the vast difference in the two locations, we thought it would be fun to contrast each with this page. Whereas our KY location is 247 acres, our place in TN, is 12. 12.24 to be exact lol !! Our Kennel house in KY is a 24 x 50 building which serves as our office, personal Vet Clinic, with two rooms serving as whelping areas. This building also has a Fireplace, kitchen, restroom and shower facilities. In TN, we don’t have a Kennel house, but we do have an old Chicken coop that we plan to make into an office, and this is the truth !!

In KY, our Kennel building is a new 36 x 48 structure, with a beautiful copper roof. In TN, its an old tobacco barn with our kennels set up inside. In KY, our training area is the entire 247 acres. With a 4 acres lake, 5 ponds, numerous creeks, and miles and miles of trails, its an incredible environment for Tracking, Water, or Protection training. Our training area in TN is a 6 acre Cow Pasture. Again, this is the truth lol, we couldn’t make this up !! As far as water on the TN Land…. well…. we have an old dried up Cattle pond !!

Our KY land also allows us to go on what many describe as “Wolf Walks”. With miles of trails, and the land being mostly White Oak, and not being logged since the 1800’s, and the lakes,
ponds and creeks, this is an incredible atmosphere. Then when you travel with 10-15 European German Shepherds thru such woods, abundant with wildlife, much Wolf instinct is witnessed. Many find these walks very therapeutic, especially those with PTSD. Our TN land doesn’t allow for such walks, however it is also a special place.

Our Tennessee location is located in the Powell Valley, at the base of the Cumberland Mountain. Visitors rave about the views from this land, and it reminds many of Southern Germany, or areas of the Czech Republic or Slovakia. This land is also less than a mile from Norris Lake and the 24,702 acre Chuck Swan Wildlife Management area, which is the interior of Norris Lake. Our new Tracker Grizzly 2072 boat, with its Mercury 150 hp, is especially equipped for K9 water training, and gets us across the lake to the for-mentioned 24,000 + acres. So in TN, our Friends and Clients get a boat ride, on the way to that Wolf Walk. So please don’t expect anything too fancy in TN, but you will meet 20+ European German Shepherd Dogs !! Because we place German Shepherd Dogs Nationwide, with people driving and flying in from all over, many VZH visitors will partake of Norris Lake, the Cumberland Gap National Park, McCloud Mountain, Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg while in the area.

One more thing….. most of the time we keep a porta-potty available in the Kennel area for our guest. Because after all, what would a Tennessee visit be without getting to use an Outhouse ??!! In time, we will add some pictures of our Tennessee location, or…. just visit and see it all for yourself.

Thanks for reading!! Edward and the Pack