Liza Vom Zeder Haus

Liza, at a lean 95lbs is a heavily boned, heavily muscled girl, with a very nice head, and very nice and correct structure. She is one of the few females who can and has completed protection training. Liza is the daughter of VA Sch III Ax Redox, and Tracking Female, Della VZH. Liza is putting that bone and muscle into her prodigy, along with great temperament and working ability.

Liza is a 3rd generation breeding female at VZH, as we acquired her second Dam, Gunnie vom Aducht from Germany, the daughter of World Sieger Bax Von Der Luisenstrabe. Gunnie, then thru her daughters and now Grand daughters, have been a very good female line for Vom Zeder Haus.