The Exploitation of the GSD in America

The German Shepherd Dog is the most exploited mammal on the planet, and the U.S. is the leading nation for this exploitation. While the AKC version of the GSD has always been an inferior dog to the Authentic GSD being produced in Europe, and by a handful of Qualified Breeders in the US, up until the 1990’s the AKC version wasn’t a bad dog. However, over the past 30+ years, the AKC GSD had been reduced to a weak dog, lacking true protective instincts, plagued with various health problems, thus with an average lifespan of only 9 years of age. Have you noticed that US Law Enforcement and Military have abandoned the GSD in favor of the Belgium Malinois? This is because the AKC GSD is no longer capable of such service. When you do see Law Enforcement and Military GSD’s, these are Authentic European German Shepherd Dogs.

There are three entities that are responsible for the downfall of the AKC GSD. The harm being done to these dogs by the American Veterinary System, the lack of a Governing body for the reproduction of dogs in this Country, thus caused by the American Kennel Club (AKC), and the quagmire of misinformation being conveyed by German Shepherd forums.

Sadly, American Citizens think this low functioning entity is an authority for the reproduction of dogs. The AKC has no more authority over the reproduction of dogs in this Country than you do!! Have a person to send you some information stating that they bred two dogs, who their ancestors are, re-type this info on some official looking documents and send it back to that person, and you have literally fulfilled the same role as the AKC. After Dateline NBC exposed this entity for what they are in 2012, the AKC started their so-called DNA program, and so called inspectors to visit their breeders, thus all a smoke screen with still no breed standards, no qualifications for breeders or dogs. Here is what the AKC does accomplish – they work with their breeders to keep the US from forming Governing bodies and laws, which would save so many dogs. As when various State Governments develop Bills to be voted into Laws to stop unqualified breeders, puppy mills and such, the AKC contacts their breeders, telling them to contact their Legislator’s, explaining they earn a living by breeding, that they are Voters, and to vote NO on these Bills, so they never become Law. ALL AKC breeders are aware of this as they are getting those emails from the AKC. So aside from AKC breeders producing inferior dogs, this is what keeps the puppy mills going, is why dogs are sold to any person who shows up with money, why so many dogs are abused and neglected in the US, and the Millions of dogs who die in shelters, unlike years ago, these are not mixed breeds, these are AKC dogs. Our page on this website “When and why to rescue” goes into much more detail. Whether or not you intend to rescue, after you finish reading more about the exploitation on this page, please read “when and why to rescue.”

The American Veterinary System
Veterinary medicine in the US is not legitimate Vet Medicine, it was until the 1980’s, since then it has been taken over by Big Pharma who controls the curriculum in US Vet Schools, controls State Boards, sets mandates for how American Veterinary medicine is to be administered, all driven by greed, not a concern for animal health and welfare. As a result, ANY dog that is being regularly exposed to an American Veterinarian is being physiologically deteriorated.

This begins with excessive vaccines, which causes the immune system to attack the body, called Vaccinosis, with negative antibodies attacking healthy tissue, thus causing Cancer, immune system problems, organ disfunction and failure.

Then de-sexing, thus called spaying and neutering in the US, destroys the endocrine system and muscular / skeletal system, which leads to a host of malfunctions in the body, as well as joint problems, specifically related to bone loss, cartridge and meniscus failure.

Then there is the complete fraud and scam being pulled on the American Public called the Heartworm epidemic. I will repeat – this is a complete scam being pulled on the American Public.

The parasite does exist, Dirofilaria Immitis, its been around for millions of years, and can affect ANY mammal. Draw a line from South Carolina to Southern California. The parasite barely exists below that line, and rarely above it. It takes several months for the parasite larva, when rarely injected into a dog, to develop into the actual parasite as it typically dies before that occurs. So a dog living in the extreme Southern US, thus getting NO preventative will rarely acquire the parasite, only an already very ill dog with an insufficient immune system will do so. The jars of infected hearts in American Vet clinics, we call those “Scare Jars”, with hearts taken from stray, very sick dogs in Mexico. Big Pharma and the American veterinary system know how to generate money. Why all of the positive test? These are larva positive only, that 90% of the time would die before developing into the parasite.

The preventative is a Neurotoxin, and along with the over-use of Flea and Tick meds, these toxins are damaging the Neurological systems of dogs, as well as the liver, renal and digestive system.

Along with many fraudulent and manufactured diagnosis by American Veterinarians, the above greed and stupidity being displayed on innocent animals in this Country, has lead to the German Shepherd Dog being plagued with so many health problems, with an average lifespan in the US of 9 years of age. What’s even more sad, is how American Citizens allow themselves to be conned and scammed by all of this, with the ultimate victim being the innocent dog.

American Citizens must learn Holistic Veterinary medicine which is real Veterinary Medicine. Its easy, inexpensive and can be learned from this website. This is also the best way to ensure our dogs live to 12+, and always healthy.

When VZH places a GSD puppy or dog, we teach that Owner / Parent real Veterinary medicine which is Holistic Vet medicine, and thus make ourselves available 24/7 to each Owner for the life of their dog. However over the past 31 years there have been 242 VZH GSD’s thus killed or disabled by an American Veterinarian. Each time the American Veterinarian told the Owner – “This condition is genetic and common to the German Shepherd Breed”. I, Edward Denny, contacted each of those American Veterinarians and said this – “Since you had the audacity to tell this dog owner that their dog, an Authentic European GSD, thus the result of 100 plus years of select breeding by Qualified Breeders who are Professionals in Biogenetics associated with the Euro GSD, and because in addition to being such a breeder, I ( Edward Denny ) am also a Researcher for this breed, specifically in the area of Biophysics and Genetic Expression associated with this breed, can you please answer the following three questions- #1 – Can you provide a copy of the Research that has shown a Genetic relationship between the condition that has killed or disabled this dog, and the Euro GSD breed? #2 – What are the Code names for the specific Genetic Markers that have been identified to be associated with this condition? #3- Can you provide a copy of the Lab work that has confirmed that this dog is carrying those specific Genetic Markers?”

31 years, 242 dead and disabled innocent dogs, those three questions ask 242 times to 242 American Veterinarians and I am yet to receive a single answer!! I’ve gotten lots of stuttering, back peddling, and anger, but not a single answer. I would then say “No, this dog ( is dead or severely damaged ) and only after you put your hands on it, and you told the Owner that its the result of genetics within this breed, and I simply need you to back that up please??!!”. Never a single answer…….. Its not that American Veterinarians are all bad people, or intend to be Scam Artist. These people started out with good intentions, but received a very inferior, hollow education in an American Veterinary school, controlled by Big Pharma, that taught them to practice GREED, not REAL Veterinary Medicine. After Vet School, they are employed by a Clinic that is likely owned by a Corporation, which knows nothing about Veterinary Medicine, only generating money, then their License is being held by a State Board who is under the control of Big Pharma. This is all what makes the American Veterinary system such a sad entity !! ANY dog and we mean ANY dog that is being regularly exposed to an American Veterinarian is being Physiologically deteriorated !!

If a Transmission repairman sells you a new Trans when you only needed a $20 module or valve, only your bank account will suffer. However, when inflammation in the dog hock or stifle is diagnosed as more sever thus requiring surgery, or when eye or hip diseases are diagnosed when none exist, it’s not only your bank account involved, it’s a four-legged child who suffers, with an unnecessary surgery or monthly unnecessary medication. We are not just talking about small clinics here, we talking about large, very well-known clinics. U.S. Veterinary schools, who also have clinics, are some of the worst for this, all while 3rd and 4th year Vet students are watching and learning……

There are some good Veterinarians in the United States, such as Dr. Dale Eckert in Versailles, Ky.

Dr. Eckert and I wouldn’t agree on everything, however he was educated and began in the 1970’s, before Big Pharma took control of the American Veterinary Industry, so he knows the right way. He also owns his own Clinic, so is not being pressured to generated money by a Corporation. Dr Eckert practices with his heart and always with what’s best for the dog.

Unfortunately, the Dale Eckert’s of Veterinary Medicine are almost gone. God Bless Dr. Eckert for the work he is doing.

German Shepherd forums
Forums started out as a good idea, a place for people to share information in a positive, constructive way. However, forums are owned by Corporations that own numerous forums about various subjects. So who is in charge of managing / overseeing such websites? Anybody who wants to! Called moderators and administrators, these are simply volunteer positions that any person can sign up for. So who are these people? They fall into two categories – Unqualified AKC breeders who are using the forum as a platform to bolster their business and bash their competitors. Then there are the Keyboarders. A Keyboarder is NOT an I.T. Professional, these are people typically without a job, and no interest in a job. Their time is spent on forums, chatrooms, social media and playing video games. After signing up for a forum, keyboarders suddenly become an expert on the GSD, and so much misinformation is conveyed, which mis-leads people who are trying to help their dogs. Keep in mind that we are not referring to forum members who are just trying to learn, or the hands-on GSD Professional who will occasionally sign in and contribute with an educated post. However, we are referring to the moderators, administrators, and a high portion of the membership, who are in fact Unqualified AKC breeders and keyboarders.

Because of jealousy and envy by these AKC breeders, and because Vom Zeder Haus has repeatedly refused to place our dogs and puppies with many of these people, they make inflammatory remarks about our Kennel on German – the forum, thus calling our website “bizarre”, and telling people to “beware”. Because VZH is a professional organization, we have always ignored such. However, we were recently made aware of a thread involving our Kennel that we will make an example of here.

The thread is entitled “Great dogs from Vom Zender Haus” (yes, our kennel name is misspelled in the thread). In this thread, a long time VZH Client, named “Catherine” compliments her dogs and me (Edward Denny). Also in her post, Catherine mentions the fact that I endure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Catherine comments are very professional, and much appreciated by VZH. However the AKC people and Keyboarders immediately attacked Catherine, thus calling her post an “ad”. Another VZH Client, identified as “Dogward” then came to Catherine’s defense, thus mentioning the traumatic effects of PTSD, and calling out the forum members for disparaging Catherine’s post. Unsurprisingly, this VZH Client was also attacked with a member stating that Dogward’s IP address should be checked.

While these AKC people and Keyboarders didn’t specifically mention PTSD, they were disparaging the disorder and knew precisely what they were doing. This thread doesn’t bother me for myself; however, it does bother me for the millions of people in the World who endure PTSD. Imagine your emotions randomly being run thru a blender over and over again, and trying to lead a normal life with the physical / emotional disabilities from this. We must all remember that PTSD is not only endured by our Military Heroes, this is also endured by victims of Rape / Sexual assault, Child abuse / Molestation, and victims of Domestic Violence. Of course, this is a German Shepherd website, and unfortunate that we need to make an example of this, however sometimes things just need to be said, and this is one of those times. Providing therapy and comfort to PTSD victims is one of the natural gifts of the German Shepherd Dog. So the actions of these AKC breeders and keyboarders on this forum, thus already exploiting this breed is quite ironic here !!!!

Exactly how could a hands-on German Shepherd Professional with the responsibility of caring for dogs, managing a breeding / training facility, taking care of their own website and Clients, maybe a Family , a Job, and all of the responsibilities of life…..How does that person sit on their backside for hours a day, posting comments and answering questions for complete Strangers?…… You see it just doesn’t add up!! Shame on these keyboarders who have hijacked this once productive website, and shame on the Corporation that owns it for allowing it to happen.

We are not perfect at VZH, I promise we make mistakes each day. However, over our four decades of work with this breed, we have NEVER been driven by Greed, only by Passion. Every penny generated by VZH, and I mean every single penny, is reinvested back into the welfare of the German Shepherd Dog.

At VZH we study and practice REAL Holistic Veterinary medicine. I ( Edward Denny ) am not a Licensed Veterinarian in the United States as I would not place myself in that sad position. We teach Holistic Veterinary Medicine to all of our GSD Owners, and will teach this to ANY person who wants to learn.

I want to thank God for giving me the insight and ability to comprehend what is happening to our precious and innocent 4 legged children by the three entities discussed above. I also thank God for giving me the Boldness and Courage to stand up to this Exploitation. Unfortunately so many American Citizens are gullible people, thus allowing themselves to be Brainwashed, unable or unwilling to think outside of the box. We are here to help any person who wants to learn and become better dog Parents, in this Country where greed and exploitation is causing dogs so much physical and emotional suffering and pain.

Thank you for reading, and I will continue to fight tooth and nail for the welfare of German Shepherd Dogs in this Country until my last breath.

– Edward Denny, VZH