Contrary to what most people know or think, the AKC is NOT any type of authority for the reproduction of dogs. The AKC is simply a record keeping service, and as explained in another article, this low functioning entity is why there is no governing body for the reproduction of dogs in America, as they lobby with self serving politicians to keep a Govern Body from forming which would protect dogs in this Country. With no Governing body, the AKC can continue literally Registering EVERYTHING, from ANY PERSON that sends the paperwork, this collecting registration fees. This organization is corrupt and driven by greed. They are the most well known-registry in America because they are EASY to register puppies with. They themselves have no REAL guidelines or quality control measures for their clients- humans or dogs. They are simply a PUPPY MILL Registry ! After Dateline NBC conducted not only one, but two broadcast exposing this corrupt organization, the AKC put into place so-called Kennel visits by designated AKC employees to supposedly ensure quality, which does NOTHING of the sort. They also started their so called DNA program, which again does nothing to ensure quality. This was all smoke and mirror moves to try and prevent more negative publicity. The so called AKC DNA program provides only the most basic DNA testing involving only a limited number of Genotypes which can not conclude true Parentage of closley line-bred breeds, such as the True Euro German Shepherd Dog. Much more in-depth and extensive testing would be required for such breeds.

When the owner of a female dog takes her to the owner of a male dog and a breeding takes place, the owner of the male dog is to be ( paid ) a stud fee, or compensated in some way.  Payment typically occurs after the breeding or after confirmed pregnancy. ANY other dog registry in the World would not register that litter without the formal consent of the Sire Owner, thus indicating that the Sire Owner had been compensated for his Stud fee. However, this is not the case with the lowly AKC. This corrupt organization, as result of greed, will register the litter regardless. Yes this is not only THEFT by the owner of the Dam, but this is also THEFT ( Theft of Services ) by the AKC ! How do they get away with such theft ?, because tucked away within their rules and regulations, in a matter of legal jargon, it states that if the Male has an AKC number, ( Many top GSD Sires are registered with the AKC or USCA in addition to their European Registry ) that the litter will be registered regardless of compensation to the Sire Owner, or consent of the Sire owner. Many Top Sire Owners are unaware that the AKC is this corrupt, but many learn this after their Stud services have been stolen.

For several years Vom Zeder Haus registered not all, but some of our litters with this organization. However after we realized the damage that they were doing to all dog reproduction in the United States, we ceased affiliation with this corrupt entity. We are obviously now educating dog owners about this organization. ANY AKC dog breeder IS aware that the AKC is a puppy mill registry and that they are a corrupt organization. This is because AKC breeders frequently receive letters and emails from the AKC, telling them to contact their legislators and tell them NOT to vote for legislation to stop the puppy mills and ensure the health and well fare of breeding dogs. So NEVER purchase a dog from a breeder who registers with the AKC, as doing so is supporting the demise and exploitation of dogs in this Country. The best dog breeders in America, and especially the best German Shepherd Breeders, register with either the USCA or UKC.

To learn more about the corrupt AKC, read all about them on Wikipedia.