I will begin this article with a stunning statistic- The average lifespan of German Shepherds in Europe is 13.1 years of age with many living to 14 and 15. The average lifespan of the same dog in the United States, same physiology and genetics is 7.2 years of age. While some of these dogs live to be 12 and 13, many are dying at sub 7 years of age, and many at sub 5. So how come this whopping 6 year average lifespan difference ? This article will expose why.

   Keep in mind that this dog was created and developed in Europe by highly qualified breeders and geneticist. Veterinary Medicine was created in Europe in the 1700’s. Veterinary Medicine in Europe, what we will call real Veterinary Medicine was developed for the welfare of animals. So called Veterinary Medicine in America is designed to generate money, with little to no regard to the overall health of the animal. Dogs are not de-sexed ( Spayed and Neutered ) in Europe, because same as Humans, dogs must have their hormones for normal physiological functioning. It was established over 100 years ago in Europe that dogs only need one Vaccine to be protected for life from the viruses.  The so called heartworm epidemic in America is a fraud, a scam manufactured by the American Veterinary system. 99% of so called positive heartworm test are in fact False positives.  The honest Vet system in Europe only offers heartworm preventative to dog owners for one to three months during a year, and only offers ( not demands ). Then in Europe only one Rabies Vaccine is administered for life, because only one is needed.

     Generally speaking, Europeans are more active than Americans, so these dogs in Europe get more exercise. Europeans know that crates are cages, and do not cage their dogs as many Americans do. Sure there are some lazy, ignorant and stupid Europeans ( These adjectives – ignorant and stupid, are used here for their true meaning not as slang ). Breeders in Europe must be highly qualified and use much discretion with whom their dogs are placed. Trainers in Europe must also be highly qualified and thus do not use the stupid, unethical, quick and easy way with dogs there as so called American Trainers do, thus causing much grief and stress to these dogs here.  

    So going back to that stunning 6 years of lifespan difference, we will be specific now as to why. Remember however that this is about True Authentic European German Shepherd dogs, not the American version of this breed, and while many ” American Versions” are only one or two generations removed from Europe, they have been reproduced by unqualified American breeders, so the physiology, intelligence and instincts that the breed standard demands, no longer exist with these American produced dogs. The Authentic German Shepherd has a very pure physiology and is thus very sensitive to the medications, chemicals and toxins used by the American Vet System. The American version of this breed is not as sensitive, already damaged yes, but not as sensitive because the dogs parents and grandparents etc. have also been exposed to the American Veterinary system, a term we call ” Generational Exposure ”.  Some examples is to think about a pure mountain stream, to pour even a small amount of toxin into this stream would have a vast negative effect on the ecology ( aquatic life ). Then pour that same amount of toxin into a stream in a manufacturing or residential area. Yes it will have negative effects, but the ecology will be much less effected in the already polluted stream. Another example is to think about a person who takes much medication or consumes much alcohol. That person will not be effected by one pill or one alcoholic drink. However a person who is very active, eats healthy etc., that person is vastly effected by that one pill or one alcoholic drink.

    So the German Shepherd in Europe receives one general Anti-Viral vaccine at 8-12 weeks of age and no more for life. One Rabies vaccine at 8-12 months of life. These dogs keep their hormones in Europe. There is little to no toxic heartworm preventative. There is much exercise by Euro owners, and the trainers there are real trainers, highly qualified, and convey the difference of training versus Parenting to owners in Europe. All of this equates to German Shepherds living to be 12-15 years of age in Europe.  Europeans German Shepherds are only taken to a Veterinarian in Europe if there is an emergency.

  Now in America…… puppies receive repeated and unnecessary vaccines, this destroys the immune system, and damages organs, a condition called ” Vaccinosis ”.  These puppies or dogs are de-sexed ( spayed or neutered ) thus the loss of hormones ceases physical and cognitive development , and further damages the immune system, a condition called ” Immune system deficiency ”. Euro German Shepherds are very sensitive to Anesthesia, so many dogs are accidentally euthanized with this chemical by the American Veterinarian. Furthermore, Anesthesia in the Authentic German Shepherd damages the Aorta ( the main artery in the body ) thus causing a thinning of the Aortic wall. This leads to many sudden and unexplained deaths to these dogs in America via Aortic rupture.  Then comes the extremely damaging and unnecessary toxin in the form of heartworm preventative. This toxin called Ivermectin, also causes organ damage, including heart damage, this is called Myocarditis.  Then many Americans are lazy so these high energy dogs who need much exercise and mental stimulation, they don’t receive it. They are abused and receive emotional trauma by being caged, of course the cages are called crates. Then many Americans are too lazy and too irresponsible to Parent their dogs, so they take them to an American Trainer. Unlike Europe there are no guidelines or qualifications to become a trainer in America, we will add here that the so called educated and qualified trainers who have attended training colleges or schools in the U.S., these are some of the worse so called Trainers. These people use inappropriate techniques which are very damaging and stressful for dogs. Then, also as a result of laziness and irresponsibility, Americans board their dogs which is very emotionally traumatic and damaging to Authentic European German Shepherds, when they should be exercising some Parenting, thus taking their dogs with them, or at least leaving their dog with a family member or person that the dog knows and is comfortable with.

   Then there are the false and manufactured diagnosis by the American Veterinarian. The American version of this breed is plagued with an array of physical diseases and problems, that do not exist with the Authentic German Shepherd, which is a very healthy and hardy dog. However because the American Vet doesn’t know the difference between the dogs, and because most of these diagnosis occur as a result of personal interpretation, and because 90% of American Vets are under financial strain, when European German Shepherds are exposed to these people, false diagnosis such as Hip Dysplasia, elbow dysplasia , various other joint diseases, eye diseases, intestinal diseases and many other diseases are falsely made by American Vets with these dogs. Then the diseases that do exist were caused by the exact Veterinarian that is making the diagnosis, because they caused the disease with spaying and neutering, vaccines, and heartworm preventative. The American Vet then blames the disease on genetics.   

    So all of this, especially the exposure to the American Veterinarian, is destroying Authentic German Shepherds in America, thus costing these wonderful dogs years of their life.

  So keep in mind that of the Millions of so called German Shepherds in America, less than 1% are Authentic European German Shepherd dogs. Of the tens of thousands of so called German Shepherd Breeders in this Country, less than 10 are qualified to do so, thus producing Authentic German Shepherds. However if you live in the United States and you are the Owner / Parent of one of these dogs, then the person that you received it from is extremely knowledgeable in all areas regarding your dog. This person will also be available to you 24/7 for consult and advice.  So follow the advice that your breeder gave you, and by all means COMMUNICATE with your breeder, and most definitely do NOT expose your dog to an American Veterinarian unless you suspect a broken bone, need stitches, or need an IV, and only do this after you have consulted with, and been advised by your Breeder !!!! 

   Everything discussed in this article is conveyed more specifically in the following articles on this website.