The Immune System of dogs, like all Mammals has been evolving for millions of years. During this time it has adapted and developed a defense against the diseases that affect the specific Mammal. So the diseases that affect dogs have also been around for millions of years, and had the dogs Immune System not evolved to combat such disease, dogs would have become extinct ions ago, or maybe there would have never even been a mammal that we know as dogs. The Immune system of European German Shepherds  ( Authentic German Shepherds ) is especially evolved and robust, as these dogs are the result of select breeding. So dogs who have shown a propensity to illness or disease, thus not having a very strong immune system, were not included or quickly eliminated from the Gene Pool. So the result is a Mammal ( The European GSD ) that has an incredibly strong Immune System, and is naturally a very hardy and healthy Animal. With all of this being said, you need to know that Veterinary medicine was not introduced into the United States until the late 1800’s ( less than 140 years ago ), vaccines were not commonly used in the U.S. until the late 1950’s, not widely used until the 1970’s, and repeated vaccines not commonly used until the 1980’s. Heartworm medications ( which are simply toxins ) were not commonly used in the U.S. until the 1980’s. So the Immune system of dogs which had became an incredibly powerful and efficient system over the past Millions of years, has sadly been disabled and destroyed by the American veterinary system over the past 35 years. This as any dog that is regularly exposed to these people who are called Veterinarians in the U.S., is being physiologically deteriorated. 

    The Immune System of dogs is not mature enough to protect their bodies against disease until they are approximately 8 months of age. So antibodies that they receive in their Mothers Milk protects the puppy until they are approximately 12-16 weeks of age. Veterinary Medicine in Europe ( which is real Veterinary medicine ) began in the 1700’s in France. Vaccines were developed in Europe in the 1800’s, with the purpose of administering one Vaccine at 12 wees of age, to protect the puppy until the Immune system could do so at 8 Months of age. With the exception of some greedy Veterinarians in Europe, this is still the Vaccine protocol in Europe today. This was also the Vaccine protocol in the U.S. until the Baby Boom of American Veterinarians ( which is discussed elsewhere on this website ). So beginning with the 2nd , 3rd or 4th Vaccine ( depending on the dog ) Vaccinosis, a condition similar to Lupus in Humans, develops in the dog, thus causing organ damage and disease over time. ( Vaccinosis is also discussed elsewhere on this Website ). Specifically what occurs with the Vaccines ( Vaccinosis ) is that a vaccine causes a immune response ( action from the dogs immune system ). As discussed earlier, a dogs Immune System is very robust and powerful, again the result of Millions of years of development. So causing an Immune System response in a dog, is like rattling the cage of a Tiger. That first Vaccine was enough and tolerated by the Immune system, but as mentioned earlier, beginning with possible the 2nd and certainly by the 4th vaccine, the dogs body begins to no longer produce Antibodies ( the response for the 1st vaccine ) with the multiple vaccines the Immune system now begins to produce Autoantibodies. These Antibodies, also known as negative antibodies attack not only the good antibodies that are produced to attack bacteria and virus’s , these Autoantibodies also attack healthy tissue and bodily organs. So why do many dog diseases exist today that didn’t exist decades ago, and why is disease that was very rare decades ago now common, because of Autoantibodies caused by Multiple Vaccines !  Also dog vaccines are not like human vaccines with only one actual vaccine administered.Dog Vaccines are Vaccine Cocktails, with each injection actually containing 4-8 individual Vaccines. If a Rabies Vaccine is also given in conjunction, as so called Veterinarians will do in the U.S., then the cocktail is even more devastating.

   While many dogs living in America, thus being exposed to an American veterinarian are already vastly physiologically damaged by 4-6 months of age, the Immune system is further damaged by Spaying and Neutering. That robust Immune System that you read about is highly dependent on the bodily hormone of Testosterone or Estrogen, which are taken away with de-sexing ( spaying and neutering ). The Immune system of the female dog is reduced to approximately 73% by spaying, and to approximately 67% in the Male dog by Neutering. Of course if this unfortunate dog has already been exposed to an American veterinarian prior to de-sexing, or is to be afterwards, the Immune System Deficiency cause by the loss of hormones probably aren’t going to matter much with a dog that is also reviving the vaccines, as the Immune System either has or will be destroyed regardless. With all of this, a dog that is regularly being exposed to an American veterinarian is also receiving unnecessary medications at times which are further taxing the body, such as the unnecessary and very damaging toxin called Ivermectin ( the active ingredient in heart worm preventative ). Heartworms are another subject on this website.

   While the above describes the damage being done to all dogs being exposed to American veterinarians, such is especially devastating to European dogs. This because American dogs are more tolerant to the vaccines and poisons used by the American Vet due to Generational exposure. This being that because a dogs ancestors that have been exposed to an Am. Vet have also received the Vaccines and Toxins, so over generations the physiology becomes more tolerant. However European ( Authentic German Shepherds ) have been in Europe where Veterinary Medicine is real, then if reproduced in the a real. qualified breeder, then the Euro health care protocol is being followed. So these dogs have a very pure and clean system, but are more sensitive to the unnecessary Vaccines and toxins. So while the Euro GSD is likely the most hardy, healthiest dog on the Planet, exposing these dogs to an American Veterinarian is especially devastating.

   As mentioned elsewhere on this website, 100 years from now, after we are all gone, people will read about how dogs in the United States were physiologically destroyed in this Country between the years of 1980 and whenever all this stops, and people will be appalled, and this will all be considered Barbaric !  But people will also see that this all occurred as a result of GREED! As it has been said- Greed itself is a Terminal Disease !