I will begin this article by stating that there are some very good Veterinarians in the United States. I have found a very good one in Versailles Ky. The good ones are typically Veterinarians that have been practicing for many years, are financially secure and not driven by greed, and have realized that modern Veterinary medicine is destroying animals. So the very reason that they perused a career as a Veterinarian- a love for animals -resurfaces. However such Veterinarians are extremely difficult to find in the U.S., as they literally make up less than 1% of the Veterinarian population in this country.

If you are under 40 years of age, think about the dogs that your Grandparents had. If you are over 40, think about the dogs you had as a child. These pre-1985 dogs lived to be 13-17 years of age, and were never ill in their life. Now lets jump to 2017- most modern dogs in America live to be 5-11 years of age, with many health problems such as Cancer [including Leukemia], they have diabetes, Seizures, kidney problems, liver, pancreatic, stomach and intestinal problems. Modern dogs also have many joint problems including Hip and elbow dysplasia. These issues very rarely existed years ago, why? Because American Veterinarians have created these diseases by spaying and neutering, over Vaccinating, and over-medicating. Prior to 1980, a person may have to drive an hour to find a Veterinarian. In 2017, every small town with 3 red lights has 2-3 Veterinarians. Therefor this is a profession of survival, rather than a profession for the welfare of your dog. People go to Vet school because they love animals, however once out of school, they have vast loans to re-pay, the cost of living, and the overhead associated with their business. Their biggest problem is competition, as there are most likely 100+ other Veterinarians within a 50 mile radius of a U.S. Vets location who also need to generate money. Such is why that if you research ”American Veterinarian and Suicide” you will sadly learn that this profession is one of the leading professions for suicide each year in America. This is attributed to debt. American veterinary schools know this, and therefor are teaching their students how to make money, rather than how to provide honest, effective care to animals. What’s more sad is that modern American Veterinarians are destroying dogs in America by selling dogs Owners un-needed medications and vaccines for their dogs, after many times making false diagnosis.

In European Countries there is Governing Body for the Veterinary System, the Veterinary system here is self governing. Of course this is a conflict of interest, or in other words, its like the Fox guarding the Henhouse. So as Great as America is, we have the Worst Veterinary System of ANY Country in the World. The Veterinary System was good in the U.S. until 1978, then Greed set in, followed by Corruption. ANY dog that is being regularly exposed to an American Veterinarian is slowly being Physiologically deteriorated by the Vaccines, heart worm preventative, and Pesticides in the form of Flea and Tick Preventative. Either the Intestines, kidneys, Liver, or Pancreas will eventually fail. If not, then the dog will succumb to Cancer as a result of the Immune system being destroyed by the American Veterinarian. This all begins with spaying and neutering which creates Immune system deficiency- ( explained in detail on this website ). The immune system and bodily organs are then destroyed with repeated Vaccines ( Vaccinosis- also discussed on this website ) and Ivermectin ( Heart Worm Preventative). Long term and year round use of products regularly used by American Veterinarians such as Trifexis and Nexgard are also destroying the organs.

Many dogs die during surgery ( many times unnecessary surgeries ) as the American Veterinarian is unaware that many dogs ( Especially European dogs) are very sensitive to Anesthesia. The American Vet will then tell the Owner that their dog must have had a weak heart or was septic, when simply too much anesthesia was used thus killing the dog. You know the State laws requiring a dog to have the extremely damaging Rabies Vaccines repeatedly every 1-3 years ? Who do you think set those rules for State and County Legislators to make into Law? That’s right, the people selling the Vaccines- the American veterinary system!! I would like to add a ( LOL ) here but I can’t- this is too sad!! American veterinarians are totally oblivious to everything you are reading here, because their education taught them how to make money, NOT how to keep your dog alive! Aspiring Veterinarians in America are also victims, but they are corrupted in American veterinary school, then become Perpetrators upon beginning practice.

Veterinary Medicine was founded and developed in Europe in the 1700’s, whilst America was hardly civilized. Comparing an American Vet school to a European Vet School is like comparing Elementary school to Graduate school.

Most Americans are surprised to learn that in Europe, which has been Civilized and Practicing Veterinary Medicine for Centuries, that only one anti-Viral Vaccine is given- at 12 weeks of age-that’s it for life. Only one Rabies Vaccine is given- at post 8 months of age- that’s it for life. Dogs in Europe are NOT spayed and Neutered, because Europeans have common sense, and know that same as Humans, dogs need their Hormones. Toxic Heart Worm preventative is rarely used in Europe ( The so called heart worm epidemic in America is basically a Fraud!! ) This is all because European Governments monitor the number of Veterinary License granted, unlike American Vet schools which are after the Tuition, and American State Governments which are after the Licensing fees. So European Vets can practice for the welfare of Animals, not in a position of Financial Survival due to competition, as is the quagmire that American Veterinarians are in.

The American Veterinary system used to be good, so what happened to it? – Prior to 1978 there were 15 Veterinary schools in the United States. It had been evaluated and concluded years ago that this number of schools, graduating 35-45 new Veterinarians would cover the positions left by retirees, and ultimately cover the needs of Americans needing Veterinary services. During this time ( prior to 1978 ) the European approach to Dog health and welfare as mentioned above was the standard. However, Universities knew they were turning away many potential Veterinary students ( Tuition Fees ), and greed set in, so new Veterinary schools begin popping up across America. By the year 2000, 17 more schools had been built bringing the total to 32 Veterinary Schools. The schools also began accepting more Veterinary Students, now typically 50-70 per class. So beginning in the early 1980’s, the American veterinary System realized that they were putting too many Vets in society, that these people were NOT going to financially survive. So after over 100 years of following the European protocol ( which was correct and working) The American Veterinary System suddenly decided that one Vaccine wasn’t enough- suddenly they needed to be given annually. Suddenly we had a Heart Worm epidemic . Suddenly- dogs brought in with simple injuries began to be diagnosed as genetic, chronic life-long conditions that would need ongoing care and meds. Rather then only mentioned spaying or neutering to dog Owners, American veterinarians began to bogusly and fraudulently tell Owners that not doing so would create health and behavior problems. During the 1980’s, the lifespan of all animals- Dogs, Cats, horses ect. began to drastically decline because of this sudden change in American Veterinary practice. This is also when the Cancer, diabetes, and organ problems began in America with dogs.

Americans are BRAINWASHED- thinking that they must take their dogs to an American Veterinarian. Europeans do NOT take their dogs to vets unless a broken bone, serious laceration, or dehydration, and Euro Vets can make a living practicing HONEST Veterinary Medicine, as they aren’t smothered with competition and debt.

Of course dogs aren’t the only victims of Veterinarians in this Country , there hadn’t been a Triple Crown Winner in U.S. Horse racing from 1978, (just before the baby boom of Vets in this country) until 2015. There were three TC Winners in the 1970’s alone, but beginning in the late 1970’s U.S. Vets infiltrated the Race Horse industry convincing horse Trainers and breeders that their horses needed various medications and vaccines. So same as dogs, U.S. Vets destroyed Thoroughbreds in the United States. The modern Thoroughbred has been plagued with health problems including soft bones from the Vaccines and Medicines. Less then 50% of U.S. Thoroughbred’s bred for racing even make it to the Race track now. Of those, only a small percentage can run on a competitive level as they succumb to Digestive problems, soft tissue injury, or broken bones. The modern Thoroughbred can barely race a mile, compared to pre-1980 Horses that could routinely race at 1 1/4- 1 1/2 miles, as their bodies have been weakened and their stamina gone. This is all attributed to the American Veterinarian and their drugs. Prominent Race Horse Owner and VZH dog Owner Arthur Hancock testified before Congress and helped to get laws passed prohibiting unnecessary Meds and Vaccines in horses. Over the past 7-8 years, many drugs and Vaccines that U.S. Vets have been administering to Horses have been banned, and many American Veterinarians have had their licenses suspended or revoked. So hopefully beginning with Race Horse- American Pharaoh, we will begin to see more healthy Thoroughbreds.

U.S. Vets have also destroyed Cats with Meds and Vaccines. Their average lifespan in 2017 is 12 years of age. Pre- 1980 cats lived on average of 17 years.

Orcas ( Killer Whales) in the wild live to be 60-90 years of age. Orcas in captivity under the care of the American Veterinarian only live to be 25-30 years of age, because of the medicines and vaccines that Vets are administering to them.

Since 2005 VZH has sent letters to the Heads of every Veterinary School within the United States. We have also sent letters to all 50 U.S. State Boards of Veterinary Medicine, as well as the National Board of Veterinary Medicine. Additionally we have offered to educate numerous American Veterinarians in a class room setting at our Kennel. We have simply ask the system to revert to the pre-1980 way of practicing Veterinary Medicine in the U.S., or the way they have been doing it in Europe for over 150 years. Of course these people ignore this information, because if U.S. Vets stop over-medicating and over-Vaccinating, stop spaying and neutering, stop manufacturing diagnosis-within 2 months 99% of American Vets will be applying for Unemployment benefits and food stamps. They will loose that house and car, Veterinary schools will close, State Veterinary Board Employees, Vet techs, assistants, Animal pharmaceutical company employees- Hundreds of thousands of people would be out of work. That can’t happen, and that’s what makes the American Veterinary System such a sad, destitute entity.

After years of myself ( Edward Denny ) being a Lone Wolf in creating education and awareness on these issues, we are glad that others are now also coming forward, such as Retired American Veterinarian Richard Pitcairn DVM PhD., Catherine J.M. Diodati, Darla Lafranco, and Leerburg Training Enterprises Owner Ed Frawley has began to speak out against the American Veterinary System.

The work that is being done now by myself- Edward Denny, the American Humane Society / Dateline, and others, will be the foundation for the changes later. In 100-200 years from now, people will look back at what American Veterinarians are doing to animals in this country and it will be considered Barbaric.