As mentioned elsewhere on this site, 99.99999999999% of so called GSD’s in the U.S. are not Authentic, true ( whatever adjective one might use for real ) German Shepherd dogs. This doesn’t mean that the others are bad dogs, but same as a Cocker Spaniel or mixed breed, they aren’t German Shepherds. So what makes an Authentic GSD, and what is the difference?

   As discussed in detail in another article on this website, the reproduction of this breed is closely monitored and governed in European Countries. However in the U.S. there is no governing body for the reproduction of dogs, so the standards that must be met in Europe to be a breeder, and more importantly to be a German Shepherd Dog, simply do not exist in the U.S. Authentic GSD’s are what the Military, Law Enforcement, and any educated ( informed ) GSD person acquires. The differences in the dogs are immense ! There are many people in the U.S. that have had so called GSD’s their entire life, and don’t now that they have never had an actual GSD. When such people actually do acquire an Authentic GSD, they are very surprised and amazed at the difference. While Authentic GSD’s are typically very physically attractive dogs, this is not where the differences are. Many so called breeders in the U.S. are reproducing very nice looking dark red and black so called German Shepherds. The differences are in the intelligence, instincts, and health. Even with Authentic Euro GSD’s, only approximately 5% of these dogs are breed quality dogs.”  Breed quality ”, means that the dog has the physical and mental attributes and qualities that if reproduced, can take the breed forward. These dogs must have also proven that they can work on a high level as part of a Breed quality evaluation. The other 95% of these dogs are Authentic German Shepherds, they just shouldn’t be bred. When these other 95% are bred, the breed quality as a whole comes down, and the offspring of those dogs are NOT Authentic German shepherd Dogs. So in order to keep getting that good 95%, only those 5% can be bred. The problem in America is that often times when a person has two Authentic GSD’s of the opposite sex, or two AKC registered dogs that are supposed to be German Shepherds but are not,  they suddenly want to become a breeder. Then with no ability to evaluate their dogs ( who are probably not trained for work ) , with no knowledge of genetics, in-crossing vs out-crossing, pedigrees, line-breeding, the bio-mechanics of the breed, or whether the two opposite dogs are even a match for reproduction, this person just breeds their dogs, then sells the puppies to uneducated buyers as ” German Shepherd Dogs ”.  You need to know that the type of breeders just described here makes up literally 99.999999999999% of Breeders in the United States. Of the over 50,0000 so called German Shepherd Breeders in the U.S., less than 10 are qualified to do so, and are thus producing Authentic German Shepherd Dogs !!   Even most imported GSD’s are not breed quality dogs, which is why they were sold to the U.S. So when these dogs are bred, their offspring do not meet the quality standards for the authentic GSD, therefor are not true German Shepherd Dogs.

    So how do you know if a so called breeder has real and true German Shepherds? How do you know if a so called breeder is qualified ?,  There are several tell all ways. Our ”Puppies Page ” on this website goes into detail about how to quickly determine a breeders eligibility to reproduce such dogs, as well many other aspects of the Kennel that will answer these questions for you.