Crates are cages, developed decades ago for transport. Manufacturers realized that people use them as cages, that’s why they are sold for such.

The term ” Crate Training ” means the following- I do not have the appropriate environment for a dog- and / or I want a dog but I do NOT actually have time for a dog and / or I want a dog but I am too lazy to take care of one so I will simply CAGE it!!

     VZH uses crates for Kennel visits. You will use one to transport your puppy. You may use one on and off for the first few weeks you have a puppy, such as a few hours a day, ( a day is 24 hours long ). If your yard is not fenced, then you need to fence it or acquire a 10 x 10 ft kennel with the appropriate ground surface and the appropriate roof, for when your dog is not inside your house. If after a few weeks you are still caging your puppy for more than a few hours per day, ( or only at night ) then you need to return your puppy to your breeder ( if you have a good one ) or place your puppy with a person who actually has time for a dog. Then go acquire a Hamster, rabbit, Parrot etc. If you know of a person that is Crating / Caging a dog, for more than a few hours each day, please report them to your local Authorities for Animal Abuse and Neglect !!