This condition results when one or both testicles to not drop from the abdomen down into the scrotum. While this is rare in Europe, it is very common in intact Male dogs in the U.S. There is little research on going as to why. It is the opinion of Edward Denny, based on years of research, that Thimerasal, a compound used as a preservative in vaccines in America, is interacting with the inguinal canal, ( the tract thru the abdominal wall by which the testes travel to the scrotum ) thus restricting the canal from dilating so the testes can pass into the scrotum. In the European GSD, we see Crypto in in 1-2 % of those dogs in Europe. However it is seen in approximately 28-33% of these dogs in America. Thimerasal is rarely used in Euro Vaccines, but is common in American Vaccines. ( keep in mind also that Vaccines are vastly OVERUSED in America ). I have also seen statistics of Crypto in the United Kingdom ( where Thimerasal is also common in vaccines ) that mirror American Crypto cases. The American Veterinarian ( the people who are destroying dogs with vaccines ) always state that this condition is hereditary. If such is the case, then studies have been conducted thus identifying the specific genetic markers responsible for Crypto. I have ask several American Vets to direct me to the specific studies that identify the Genetic markers that substantiate and conclude that this is an inherited genetic condition.  I am still waiting for ANY American Veterinarian to provide this information. 

    With this condition the testicles are working and producing testosterone, they are just not in the scrotum. This condition is highly misunderstood in the U.S., and one of the many avenues, that either thru ignorance or greed ( most likely both ) that the American Veterinarian is scamming dog owners with, thus insisting that the dog MUST be neutered. While testicles retained in the abdomen do have a higher occurrence of Cancer, neutering a dog raises the chance of overall bodily Cancer much higher than UN-descended testicles do. Of course De-sexing ( Neutering ) destroys the body in general  thus destroying the Endocrine System, bone development, muscle, cartilage and ligament development. Additionally,  de-sexing destroys Collagen / skin development and health, Coat color, and causes Immune system deficiency    When Crypto is present in a dog, its best to neuter at approximately 6- 7 years of age, but absolutely not until then, thus after the Testosterone has fulfilled its primary roles and the bodily systems mentioned above have fully matured and also contributed to their physiological roles. 

    It is my opinion that American dogs would be ravaged with Cryptochidism because of the Thimerasal and the gross overuse of vaccines in this Country. However 99% of American dogs are neutered before 6 months of age, so I don’t know what those statistics would be.