This is a subject that we could go on and on about, thus providing many statistics, spread sheets, etc. However we will only provide the basic facts here because there actually isn’t any type of debate amongst those who do even very little research on this subject. The only debate would come from the uneducated, or those scamming people over this issue such as Heart worm preventative drug manufactures, and the pushers of these drugs- American Veterinarians.

The so called heart worm epidemic is a Fraud !  Yes there is a parasite called heart worms, that Mammals can contract but again, this is all basically a scam.  ANY MAMMAL including Humans can contract this parasite. However NO MAMMAL with an intact immune system can acquire the parasite as the immune system will attack and kill the Larva after it enters the bloodstream of the infected mammal. Are you ingesting this toxic compound into your body each month? You can also contract heartworms so why not? So why are you destroying the body of your 4 legged child with this toxin? The truth is because your Physician is not scamming you but your Veterinarian is. This may be because your Physician is monitored by the AMA ( American Medical Association ) but your so called Veterinarian is governed by NOBODY!! That;s right, there is NO Governing body for American Veterinarians !!!! Regarding all other Mammals- Horses, Deer, Raccoons, Squirrels, who is giving these animals heartworm preventative? Why are they not extinct? Why were dogs not extinct prior to these so called medications being used beginning in the early 1980’s?      

Heartworms can only be contracted for approximately 2 months in 98% of the United States, as whenever the air temperature drops below 58F, ALL Microfilaria ( Heartworm eggs carried by mosquitoes ) dies. 99% of positive heartworm test are actually FALSE positives as the positive is for the Larva in the bloodstream which will be killed off by the Dogs immune system unless the dog is already very ill from disease or sickness.

Younger American Veterinarians are victims of their education which taught them how to garner money ( not keep your dog healthy ). However Am. Vets that have been working for a few years are typically told by somebody ( as this is common knowledge amongst educated Dog Owners ) that there is no epidemic and the facts about the parasite, but Am. Vets reject and ignore the information because of GREED and STUPIDITY!!

Whats worse than the Greed is that Ivermectin ( the Active ingredient in Heartworm Meds ) is very toxic. Therefore ANY dog that is given this toxin repeatedly and long term is being physiologically deteriorated. Heart, liver, kidney and intestinal damage is very likely. Of course this in turn gives the person who caused these conditions ( the American Veterinarian ) even more business by treating the ailments caused by the Toxin. The American Veterinary system figured out decades ago how to scam and con American Dog owners for money. If in fact the Heartworm epidemic was real…. The Planet Earth would be void of ANY Mammals, as ALL Animals and Humans would have became extinct ions ago.