Fist, I want you to know specifically why I wanted and needed to write this article…… The European German Shepherd ( Authentic German Shepherd dogs ) is an incredibly  healthy and hardy animal. Thus the result of 100+ years of select breeding by highly qualified European Breeders and Geneticist, and those very few in America who have these dogs and actually have the knowledge to reproduce them. With the exception of two very rare diseases in which there is a genetic link ( discussed elsewhere on this website ), there are NO inherited, genetic disorders in these dogs. Yes the American Version of the GSD does have inherited diseases, and because the American veterinarian knows NOTHING about Euro GSD’s, thus not even aware that there are subspecies of the breed, when an American Veterinarian sees a Euro GSD they begin to assume and stereotype, so false and manufactured diagnosis are made. Then, as a result of the greed and ignorance of the American Veterinarian, via vaccines and toxins, the once healthy Euro GSD is physiologically destroyed, with those health problems then blamed on genetics…….  I will provide an example of what I’m writing about here. Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency ( EPI ) is a disease that occurs in dogs when the Pancreas stops producing digestive enzymes. This disease is fatal if an Owner / Parent does not take swift action and it is not curable. The American Veterinarian will always say that this is an inherited disease and that it is common in the German Shepherd Dog. You can do your own research on this disease and you will read the same. I conducted a study which included 71 Euro German Shepherd Dogs that had developed EPI. This study included both genders, ranging in age from 5 months of age to 9 years of age.  62 of these dogs were in the U.S., 1 in Canada, and 8 were in Europe. All of these dogs, ALL 71 had received repeated Vaccines prior to the onset of this disease. During my 47 years of being involved with this breed, and having known of thousands of dogs that have NOT received more than one general anti-viral vaccine, and one Rabies vaccine during their entire life, I do not know of ANY dog that developed EPI, nor have I ever read or heard about a Euro GSD that has developed this condition without having repeated vaccines. So it is Vaccinosis ( a condition caused by repeated vaccines ) that is causing the EPI and NOT Genetics !  I have done other studies with other so called genetically inherited diseases, and found the same conclusions. 

    Regarding EPI, I have recently read some American Publications that do not indicate genetics as a cause, thus stating an unknown cause. Such studies obviously have not considered Vaccines as a cause, or it could be that the Researchers are fearful of what that consideration may conclude.    

      Imagine for a moment that Human Medical Physicians attributed all Human disease and ailments to genetics or an unknown cause. Imagine that all heart disease was attributed to genetics rather than to a high fat and cholesterol diet, cigarette smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle. What if all cancers were attributed to genetics rather than cigarette smoking, sun exposure, asbestos exposure etc. That all liver disease was the result of genetics rather than drugs and alcohol. Imagine that each and every time you consulted with a Physician for a pulled or strained muscle or ligament, that you were told that you had an inherited Neurological / Muscular disease. Or each time you sprained your ankle, twisted your knee, or wrenched your elbow or shoulder, that a Physician told you that you had an inherited joint disease. The treatments for these conditions would be so different and costly. More disturbing is that the TRUE causes would not be identified, so humans would just keep on destroying their bodies with Medications and drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, asbestos exposure, baking their skin in the sun, eating a poor diet, and not knowing when to stop during strenuous exercise or work. None of this would matter as all disease and ailments are in your Genes. What you have just read here is precisely what the American Veterinary system does with diagnosing dogs with disease or aliments. It is true that some breeds, including the American Version of the GSD do have some genetically inherited medical conditions. However 95% of modern dog ailments are caused by the American Veterinarian via spaying and neutering which vastly reduces the immune system, the unnecessary and repeated vaccines which causes Vaccinosis ( a disease similar to Lupus in Humans ), and the very toxic, unnecessary, and over prescribed Heart worm preventative, which is damaging various organs, INCLUDING the HEART!! Then there is all of the misdiagnosed joint and soft tissue INJURY, as a genetically inherited disease.

All of this False and manufactured diagnosis by the American Veterinarian is driven by two things. The first is GREED as American Veterinary schools are teaching their students how to MAKE MONEY, rather than how to keep animals healthy. Second is that when an American Veterinarian is faced with a damaged and diseased dog that they have been supposedly providing health care to for months or years, its just very convenient for an American Veterinarian to cover their backside by telling you that the problem is the result of genetics. My research has shown that approximately 70% of all modern dog ailments and disease are CAUSED by American Veterinarian exposure, and 98% of all Authentic European GSD disease and ailment is caused by American Veterinarian exposure. Again- 98%.

So the next time that an American Veterinarian tells you that your dogs medical condition is the result of genetics, respond with this- ” Mr. or Mrs. Veterinarian, if you know that my dogs condition is the result of genetics, please tell me about the research and studies that have been done on this disease, thus identifying the specific genetic markers responsible for the condition, and lets then draw some of my dogs blood and look for those markers.

Most innocent dogs, who would have otherwise lived a long, happy, healthy life, don’t have a chance because their owners are brainwashed by the American Veterinary system, thus allowing themselves to be conned, and their dog physiologically destroyed. But now you know the TRUTH!!