There are Three types of German Shepherds- The americanized-German Shepherd, East German/DDR Shepherds and West German Shepherds.

Americanized-German Shepherds are not a true German Shepherd. These dogs lack the intelligence, instincts, working ability, color and pigmentation, and good health that is required of the breed standard. We also refer to these dogs as ”Watered Down German Shepherds”. Unfortunately, Americanized German Shepherds literally make up 99.999999999% of the so called German Shepherd population in the United States. The Americanized German Shepherd is a result of puppy mills in the United States and/or the result of people in the U.S. acquiring German Shepherds, and with very little knowledge about the breed or about breeding,they just begin producing puppies and ”selling” them to people who themselves know very little about German Shepherds, or to people in which quality means very little and they just want a so called ”German Shepherd”. Unfortunately, all of this is supported by people who purchase these dogs.

East German/Czech/DDR German Shepherds are all the same type of German Shepherd and they are excellent dogs!! However they are bred for their working ability only, and while they are very intelligent, many find them a little too hyper and aggressive for the home environment. East German dogs are either black, sable, or black and tan in color.

Many years ago, the West Germans felt a need to improve on their dogs and took the bred to another level….thus creating the West German Dog….Thru very select breeding, The West German dogs while maintaining all of the drive, working ability and instincts, evolved into a more refined, very elegant, more attractive dog, with better color and pigmentation, being black and red-saddle back. The West German dogs also tend to be more level headed and more adaptable to various social situations. In other words, they know when to turn the drive off, thus making them better suited for families and non-working environments. Today, West German dogs, while very expensive to acquire from Europe, are a very versatile dog and assume many roles both in Europe and the U.S. ranging from Police work, to family companions. It is these magnificent West German Shepherds that Vom Zeder Haus is so privileged to have in our kennel.