This includes overbite, under-bite and various other teeth misalignment issues. While there is no doubt a genetic component related to some breeds, this is not the case with the Euro West GSD. There have been studies conducted in Europe, and the causes of such issues is jaw joint damage, typically from excessive tug ( with a person pulling back ) resulting in damage to the growth plates at the joint. Any person who has ever owned a Euro GSD knows that when puppies, these dogs love to play bite and pull with their mouth. Owners / Parents of these puppies, should vastly limit such play ( Tug ) prior to 8 months of age. The damage isn’t always from excessive pulling , it can result from only one forceful jerk from the other end of the toy, rag, etc. The growth plates in proximity of the joint are separated, and the jaws will then grow at different rates, or one jaw growth can be stunted. Some growth rate differences in the jaws is normal and will correct it’s-self. But damaged plates will result in misaligned teeth, gum damage, and will need corrective surgery.

Of course the American Veterinarian will in most cases , because of their lack of knowledge of this breed ( The Authentic Euro GSD ) tell owners that the issue is the result of genetics. This simply is NOT true with the Euro West GSD, and like many other health problems that the American Veterinarian has blamed on genetics, when I have asked where to look for studies concluding this, and which Genetic markers are responsible, I NEVER receive an answer !!