So how do you keep your dog happy and healthy in the United States? The same way your Grandparents or Great Grandparents did, and people in Europe do today. You simply do NOT expose your dog to an American Veterinarian unless you suspect a broken bone, need stitches, or need an IV. Your dog needs ONE general anti-viral Vaccine for life, to be administered between 8-12 weeks of age. Your dog needs ONE Rabies Vaccine at POST 8 MONTHS of age and ONLY ONE FOR LIFE. If any heartworm preventative, then only 2-3 months of the year ( your 2-3 warmest months ). Same as humans, dogs need their hormones for normal physiological function, so do NOT de-sex your dog. ” De-sexing ” is the true term for spaying and neutering. NEVER board your dog. Do NOT cage your dog with a  crate. Feed a meat based, grain free food, and provide lots of exercise and TONS of LOVE !! With this approach your European GSD will live to be 13-16 years of age and always healthy. If your dog is exposed to an Am. Vet thus becoming a victim of greed and ignorance, your dogs life span will be as young as 8 weeks of age to maybe 12, most likely in the 4-8 year range. This depends on how long your dogs body can tolerate the abuse!!!!