Myocarditis is NOT heart disease, it is heart damage that is often misdiagnosed or mistaken for heart disease. This can include enlargement, inflammation, and it can lead to valve and / or ventricle deformity, and aortic problems. Many, and I think the vast majority of dog cardiatric problems in the United States are in actuality Myocarditis, and in reality caused by the overuse of toxins such as Ivermectin ( the active ingredient in heart worm preventative ), Pesticides ( the ingredients in Flea and Tick preventatives, various medications ( which are often unnecessary ), and Vaccines, which cause the same condition in dogs as does Lupus in humans. Anesthesia, administered to dogs during ( and often unnecessary surgery ) causes thinning of the aortic wall, and typically in close proximity to the heart. Many European dogs are accidentally euthanized during surgery ( often unnecessary surgery ) because the American veterinarian doesn’t know that the Euro Authentic GSD is very sensitive to Anesthesia, however that is a different subject.

    There is a very high volume of dogs in the U.S., diagnosed with Congenital heart disease ( meaning that they were born with it ) when in fact the issue is Myocarditis, and caused by the above mentioned chemicals, compounds and toxins.

    Regarding the fact that American Veterinarians state that high number of heart conditions in the U.S. are the results of genetics and birth defects, I have asked numerous Veterinarians to direct me to the studies that conclude this, including the genetic markers involved. I have yet to be directed to any such studies.