A puppy should be fed 2-3 x per day until 12 weeks of age. Feed 2x per day until 12-15 months of age..  After 12-15 months, feed 1-2x per day. 8+ year old’s should be fed 2x per day. The volume of food varies with each dog, depending on their metabolism and energy levels. Your dog will let you know how much that they need.  Snacking is not good, if there is something special that you want to give your dog, have them to make a meal of it.

Regarding ” Dog Food ”, always feed a meat based grain free food ( Rice is an OK grain ). Raw is fine. Feed your dog any household food that they want to eat except raisins and chocolate.  Table scraps are fine. Its good to change their ” Dog Food ” every few months, it gives them variety and shocks their system which is good. If you feed dry food, its OK to give it dry if you leave it out 24/7. Most people can’t do that for various reasons, so if you feed dry, and feed your dog at intervals, its best to soak the food in hot water for 30-45 minutes before serving it.