Regarding the exploitation of this breed in the U.S., people selling so called protection dogs are a big part of this. Keep in mind that in the U.S., there is NO Governing body for the reproduction, sale, or training of dogs.

Of the best bred German Shepherds in the World, this being True Authentic European German Shepherds, only 3 to 4 % of Males can do Protection, and only 1- 2% of  Females can actually do this. So lets define protection- Protection dogs are BORN more than created. These are dogs who possess the natural aggression to engage a perpetrator, and not quit after they ( the Dog ) begins to be punched, kicked, shot, stabbed etc. However these dogs posses the intelligence and discretion to use good judgment with that. These dogs are NOT social dogs, but they will not harm a child who enters his territory, they will not needlessly harm your friend or family member who enters your property. A 2 year old child could walk up and sit on such a dog, pull its ears or accidentally step on the dogs foot, and a true protection dog will NOT react. However on a one word command, such a dog will engage 42 sharp teeth, driven by 1500-1700 lbs per sq. inch, of bone crushing force to the flesh of a person who needs it !! These dogs will also release the person on a one word command given only by the owner / handler.

In the modern World, dogs that will merely bite a bite sleeve, or are trained in Schutzhund are being sold as Protection dogs, and this is being done by people who either know LESS about the bred than you do, or from CON people. In most cases here in America, and we mean like 99.999999999% of the time, protection dogs that are being sold are being offered from people who can’t be hired for a public job, can’t hold a job, or are too lay to work, so they are conning people with so called protection dogs.

So how do you tell the difference ? First is price. You can never, and we repeat NEVER purchase a Protection dog for less than $15,000, and most are in the $25-$40k range. This because the primary market for these dogs are anti-gun wealthy people, or just wealthy people who don’t want to own a gun. So the so called protection dogs that are being sold in the 3K-10K range, these are dogs that will simply bite a bite sleeve, bark etc, but in no way shape or form are they protection dogs. Protection dogs will latch onto a bite sleeve if asked, such as a for a kennel visit or for quick display of bite work. However true Protection dogs will engage a full bite suit, and only to the wrist if a weapon is involved. Otherwise these dogs will ALWAYS hit the underarm or crotch area of the perpetrator ( where there are many sensitive nerves ).  Protection will engage a person with only street clothes, with hidden protection underneath. Or in the real World, in street clothes with No Protection. There are NO sub 2.5 year old Protection dogs as the training for such dogs doesn’t even begin until they are approximately 18 months of age, and will last for at least 6 months.

ALL Authentic German Shepherd dogs can be excellent Watch or security dogs, and in most cases this is all that you need. The extent as to whether your Authentic GSD can be a good Watch dog and deterrent depends on how they are parented and socialized. You can only receive that instruction from a REAL Breeder and Trainer