This is a subject we could go on and on about here, but we will only state a few facts and offer some advice for help. Either thru ignorance or greed, this is one of the most miss-understood and misdiagnosed issues by the American Veterinarian system. Skin issues in European German Shepherd dogs are caused by two primary factors.

Vaccinosis ( disease caused by a reaction to vaccines, and usually involves too many vaccines ). When a dog receives more than three general anti-viral vaccines, more than one rabies vaccine, or receives a general anti-viral vaccine in conjunction with a rabies vaccine, a condition is created similar to Lupus in humans. When this occurs, the skin is often affected and damaged, with the negative anti-body Anti- IgE typically interacting with the skin thus causing chronic itching and hair loss.

Heat and humidity ( summer months ). Authentic European German Shepherds evolved in a much cooler climate than that of 85% of the U.S. So many Euro GSD’s in the U.S. become itchy and lose hair during the summer months.

While these are the two primary reasons for skin problems in Euro GSD’s, such problems are exacerbated by de-sexing (spaying and neutering) as this damages the immune system of dogs thus making these conditions worse. Pollen allergies can also exacerbate skin problems. Fleas can make these issues worse. Corn, wheat, and soy in dog foods can also vastly exacerbate skin problems.

So don’t over-vaccinate your dog, feed meat based, grain-free foods, use a good ( Non- oral ) flea and tick preventative, and hopefully for dog will maintain a healthy epidermis ( skin ).