Regarding the exploitation of dogs in the U.S., so called Therapy and PTSD dogs are a big part of this. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, there is NO Governing body in place for training dogs, and there are NO requirements in the U.S. to be a so called ” Dog Trainer ”, so this is why such exploitation can occur.   The sale of such dogs in the U.S. is primarily a Fraud and being done by people who have found a way to CON people for money. Do Therapy and PTSD dogs exist?- ABSOLUTELY !!, However these dogs are born, and it is their natural qualities, not anything that a so called trainer has done, that make these dogs special. Such dogs make up approximately 75% of the general dog population, and approximately 95% of the Authentic Euro German Shepherd population. This because there is NO so called Therapy or PTSD Training for dogs, such dogs are simply dogs that are very dedicated to their owners., Some have high social drive and all are well behaved. So called Therapy and PTSD dogs give their Owners what ANY good dog is giving its owner / parent  –  Companionship, unconditional love, emotional support, and a natural gift for soothing the effects of a mostly cold, harsh, self centered World. The truth is that ALL dogs are Therapy, and possibly PTSD dogs for their Owner / Parent.