In Europe, practically every Country’s Registry is actually a governing body for the reproduction of dogs. A person must meet many qualifications to become a Breeder. Then each dog before being registered, and most certainly before being breed, must meet strict qualifications. This is all a means of quality control, and this is why European German Shepherd dogs are Authentic German Shepherd dogs. We will add here that in Europe each Country only has one German Shepherd Registry, which again acts as a Governing Body for the reproduction of the breed.

In the United States there are over 30 dog registries, and every one are ALL BREED Registries, and nothing more than record keeping Services, recording whatever information that the so called breeder sends to them. ANY person can be a dog breeder in the United States. ANY dog can be registered as a German Shepherd dog regardless of its lineage or individual qualities. This is why 99.9999999999% of so called German Shepherds in America are NOT Authentic German Shepherd dogs. We will add here that regarding the 30+ dog Registries in the U.S., by far the USCA ( United Schutzhund Clubs of America ) and the UKC ( United Kennel Club ) are the best regarding honesty, integrity, attention to detail, and overall quality as dog registries.

So why does America not govern the reproduction of dogs ? Because of the corrupt, low functioning entity called the American Kennel Club ( The AKC ). When the U.S. Federal Government, or State Governments develop guidelines to be made into Laws, that would require dog breeders to purchases State License, be subject to State inspections, and vastly limit the number of puppies that can be produced thus eliminating the puppy mills, the AKC who monitors such legislation, sends out thousands of emails to breeders telling them to contact their Congressmen and Senators, and tell them NOT to support such Bills. So when these Politicians receive thousands of calls from constituents, which are VOTES, telling them NOT to support these Bills, such Legislation is not created to stop the puppy mills and exploitation of dogs.

The American Kennel Club does this because they are a Puppy Mill Registry, and are driven by GREED. The AKC is simply NOT concerned about the quality and welfare of dogs, they are concerned with MONEY.

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